Structural Materials

No matter what Mother Nature throws at you, Tangent’s structural plastic lumber, will defy the elements and look good doing it.

Stand up to anything.
Stand out from everything.


Find the Perfect Material

With Tangent’s wide variety of sizes, colors and product lines, you’re sure to find the right structural plastic material for your job. Check out all your options with our Material Mockup Tool below.

Structual Products

  • molded poly lumber icon


    Tangent’s Structural Molded products are created using our proprietary hard tool process, which creates an exceptionally strong and durable product.

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  • Continuously extruded lumber icon

    Continuously Extruded

    Tangent’s Structural Continuously Extruded materials can be formulated to project requirements, with various loading levels of reinforcing fibers.

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  • marine decking icon

    Marine Decking

    Tangent Marine Decking is highly durable, low-maintenance marine decking that excels with wood-like aesthetics.

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  • marine piling icon

    Marine Piling & Timber

    Tangent’s Marine Piling and Timber products are advanced composite plastics, engineered for the marine industry.

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The evolution of innovation.

Structural Plastic Lumber

At Tangent, we push the boundaries of innovation and technology to encourage new ideas and products in the market. As our structural composite lumber technology continues to evolve, so does our ability to solve problems brought to us by architects, engineers and end-users. From premium furniture-grade to industrial-strength reinforced plastic lumber, we’re here to help find new ways to make your construction projects sustainable, environmentally-friendly and long-lasting.