Marine Piling & Timber

Tangent’s Marine Piling and Timber products are advanced composite plastics, engineered for the marine industry. Manufactured from recycled HDPE and fiberglass strand and rod, this product is ideal for heavy-duty applications in the marine industry

Tangent’s Marine Piles and Timbers are exceptionally strong and long-lasting and can withstand heavy impacts by absorbing energy through recoverable deflection. Tangent Marine Piles and Timbers offer coastal protection without damaging the environment and leaching chemicals. Tangent’s Marine Piles and Timbers can withstand harsh weather conditions like extreme heat, cold, ice, and consistent moisture. They are resistant to marine borers, mold, fungus and crustaceans. Our superior marine materials provide a durable and sustainable product that can absorb energy from impacts.



Tangent Marine Piles and Timbers have a dense skin that creates a low-friction service, as well as comes in a wide of variety of colors that can be customized for your project’s specific requirements. Available in a wide variety of sizes up to 16”, Tangent’s Marine Piles and Timbers are long-lasting, increasing your return on investment.





Features and benefits
  • Long-lasting – installations over 25 years still in tact
  • Low-maintenance – will not splinter, rot or degrade
  • Requires no waterproofing, staining, or painting
  • Exceptional energy absorption through recoverable deflection
  • Cuts, drills and secures like wood and traditional materials
  • Wood-Free- Resistant to moisture, marine borers, insects, splintering, warping making it ideal for harsh marine environments
  • Dense skin providing a low-friction surface
  • Will not leach toxins above or below waterline installations.
  • Bridge pier protections
  • Fender piling systems
  • Dolphin clusters
  • Navigational aids
  • Small water piles
  • Wave fences
  • Groynes
  • Walings & bullrails
  • Available in 11 standard colors
  • Custom color combinations available
  • Timbers from 3”x6” up to 12”x16”
  • Piles in 10”, 13” and 16” diameters
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