In the industrial manufacturing business, you need to operate at full strength at all times. With substantial equipment on the line, you need a durable solution for the biggest production challenges. From cribbing and sleepers to transporting heavy equipment, plastic lumber is the perfect choice for industrial applications where strength, durability, and longevity are important requirements. You can count on plastic lumber to stay strong and get the job done where you need it most.


Cribbing applications are used to support and transport heavy objects during production or construction projects. From stabilizing heavy machinery to vehicle transportation, cribbing projects must be sturdy, durable and solid. That’s why using structural recycled plastic lumber is a great alternative over traditional building materials like wood and concrete. Plastic lumber by Bedford Technology doesn’t break or splinter*, so your projects won’t crack under pressure.

Equipment mats and pallets serve as a lining between heavy machinery and the ground. It reduces scratching, loud noises and damage and acts as a protective layer. Much like cribbing, these applications must be able to withstand enormous amounts of pressure and absorb the weight. Structural recycled plastic lumber by Bedford Technology comes in custom shapes and sizes to ensure that your machinery gets the support it needs.

Pipe supports help transfer the load of the pipe to the supporting structures, anchor and absorb shock. Pipe supports also help alleviate potential stress from the pipe that could cause leaks or damage, and ensure that the pipe is properly secured and safely positioned. Use a sturdy and durable product like structural recycled plastic lumber by Bedford Technology; able to withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures, replacing traditional wood and concrete will increase your ROI in the long-run due to low-maintenance costs.

Dunnage secures packages and equipment in warehouses, factories and is often used during transportation and handling. Since the ride isn’t always a smooth one, it’s important that this application is durable, strong and also able to absorb energy from things bumping up against it. Traditional wood can break, splinter and degrade due to mold and moisture. Bedford Technology structural plastic boards are durable and are resistant to moisture.

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is commonly used on construction projects, including cleaning and repairing the exterior of buildings. Typically, these structures are made of wooden timbers and metal. However, since the wooden timbers are exposed to the outdoor elements, they can break down or rot due to moisture and lead to unsafe working conditions or create unwanted maintenance time and cost. Instead, use structural recycled plastic lumber which will outlast whatever Mother Nature or your project has to throw at it.