Why should you choose recycled HDPE plastic lumber for your fencing project? Think about the long-term. Traditional materials break down over time and require repair costs, ongoing maintenance, and won’t hold up to harsh environments. Tangent’s recycled plastic fencing material is superior in every way.


Corral and Protect Your Large Animals with HDPE Plastic Lumber

Fencing systems used for animal containment serve many purposes. They help protect animals from venturing into dangerous areas, keep predators and other unwanted creatures away from your animals and help confine your animals to designated areas. These fencing systems must be durable, sturdy and low-maintenance in order to contain, corral and protect your animals.

Protect Your Commercial Property with Bedford Technology’s Long-Term Fencing Solutions

Privacy fences offer “shielding” from the outside world and a line of protection. While privacy fences are a very specific type of fencing system, typical requirements for privacy fences include a solid fence structure that stands at least 4-6 feet tall.

Effective and Durable Long-Term Solutions

Split-rail fencing is most commonly used for low-profile fencing systems that can blend into the natural landscape. For example, split-rail fences are used as park perimeters, sidewalk fencing and along nature trails to keep visitors in safe areas. When choosing the best building material for these applications, it’s important to use a durable, extremely strong and aesthetically-pleasing material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuation.