Our number one goal is to create the most durable alternative lumber known to man. But saving the planet? Well, that’s a close second.

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Building a Stronger Planet

As an early pioneer in the plastic lumber industry, we’ve been committed to developing sustainable solutions for over two decades. Made from post consumer and post industrial recycled material, our products meet criteria for the USGBC LEED requirements. In addition, we also use environmentally-friendly processes that produce minimal greenhouse gases. As you use Tangent wood to build stronger projects, know you’re also building a stronger planet.

Our number one goal is to create the most durable alternative lumber known to man. But saving the planet? Well, that’s a close second.

  • reduce air pollutants icon green construction

    Reduce Air & Water Pollutants

    Unlike wood, our structural plastic lumber doesn’t need to be chemically treated so there’s no leaching of chemicals into the ground or water.

  • Toxic Exposures icon green construction

    Reduce Toxic Exposures

    Recycled HDPE plastic lumber doesn’t emit toxins and irritants into the air or water like PVC or treated wood.

  • Reduce Waste icon

    Reduce Waste & Landfill Pile-Up

    We give consumer plastics new life and constantly reuse scrap material to manufacture more product, reducing waste dramatically.

  • reduce deforestation icon green construction

    Reduce Deforestation

    Unlike traditional wood, alternative lumber eliminates the need for deforestation – saving countless trees that wildlife depend on for food and shelter.

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Mother Earth will thank you.

Green building is a holistic concept that promotes positive effects on the environment throughout the entire building life cycle, from building design to construction and even the manufacturing process of the building materials. The aim of green building is to make efficient uses of land, materials, energy, and water, generate minimal waste, and provide healthy environments by restoring, improving, or enhancing the natural environment. Tangent’s green construction materials are designed with these principles in mind. With the climate crisis looming, more companies are adopting green practices and green construction products into their overall business strategy every day.

Each year, Tangent diverts millions of pounds of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic from the waste stream

The equivalent of over 210 million plastic milk bottles is recovered annually and given new life as our recycled plastic lumber. We demonstrate accountability to our customers by contracting with GreenCircle Certified, LLC, a third-party firm to audit and provide annual certification of our environmental claims.

On July 1, 2015 Tangent achieved Recycled Content Certification by GreenCircle. This certification qualifies and substantiates our compliance with all Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 2012 Green Guidelines so that we and our customers move forward with confidence.

GreenCircle Certification

Tangent is first in our industry to receive a Closed-Loop Product Certification

Key customers and Tangent established a collaborative system whereby plastic scrap generated at our customer’s fabrication processes is returned to Tangent for reuse and recycling back into the same or similar products within our manufacturing operation. GreenCircle has audited and certified this take-back program and awarded Tangent a Closed-Loop Product Certification.

closed-loop certification


  • Dimensional Lumber – Closed-Loop Certification
  • Dimensional Lumber – Recycled Content Certification
  • High-Density Sheet – Closed-Loop Certification
  • High-Density Sheet – Recycled Content Certification
  • Marine Decking – Recycled Content Certification
  • Bar-Reinforced Lumber – Recycled Content Certification
  • Fiber-Reinforced Lumber – Recycled Content Certification
  • Marine Timber – Recycled Content Certification
  • Molded Lumber – Recycled Content Certification
  • Bar-Reinforced Lumber – Recycled Content Certification
  • Fiber-Reinforced Molded Lumber - Recycled Content Certification
  • Molded Lumber - Closed-Loop Certification
  • Marine Pile - Recycled Content Certification
  • Marine Pile - Closed Loop Certification
  • Marine Timber - Closed-Loop Certification
  • Fiber Reinforced Lumber - Closed Loop Certification
  • Leisure Line Rocker - Recycled Content Certification
  • Leisure Line Leisure Chair - Recycled Content Certification
  • Leisure Line Foot Stool - Recycled Content Certification
  • Leisure Line Side Table - Recycled Content Certification

Sustainable solutions for every industry.

Whether you’re looking for a residential, commercial or structural application, Tangent offers a sustainable solution that will perform at the highest level. Choose your application below and explore our material offerings in greater detail.

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