Whatever manufacturing challenge you’re facing, Tangent can help find a solution. Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped clients from all sorts of industries discover new applications for plastic lumber. Strong, durable, and long-lasting, plastic lumber is made to outperform and outlast traditional materials.


If you are an outdoor furniture manufacturer, you know that outdoor patio furniture comes with high expectations. It needs to be comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, durable and long-lasting. While this is a lot to ask, you can check all the boxes when using plastic lumber by Bedford Technology. Our recycled plastic for manufacturing applications is the ideal material for a wide range of OEM applications. Built to weather the storm, your outdoor furniture can go head-to-head with Mother Nature and win. Available in many custom colors, shapes and sizes, you can let your imagination run free with your furniture creations. Our recycled plastic for manufacturing is perfect for furniture makers that need a durable, long-lasting material.

Oftentimes, decking and boardwalk structures are in or near water, so finding a building material solution that will hold up to high moisture levels will help increase the lifespan of decking or boardwalk. Use recycled plastic composite boards instead of chemically-treated wood to avoid damage. With plastic lumber by Bedford Technology, your customers can build a long-lasting boardwalk or deck that won’t need to be replaced due to damaged boards because this material is strong and stays strong.

It’s important that signs are durable, easy to clean and resistant to graffiti and other types of vandalism. Plastic lumber is great for signs because it is a sturdy and durable building material that can be cleaned with a power washer and soapy water. Bedford Technology plastic lumber will not rot or decay and you don’t need to worry about touching up the paint because the content can be embossed into the plastic lumber to create a lasting effect.

Playground equipment is a popular fixture in recreational areas and takes quite a beating from humans, animals and weather conditions. It’s important that this equipment is made of high-quality material that is structurally sound and can spark imagination and creativity. It also needs to be safe and sustainable. The issue with traditional wood is that it can splinter and rot over time and cause the structure to need maintenance or be unsafe. Consider using structural plastic lumber for your commercial playground projects to ensure a safe and durable environment for future generations to come.

Site amenities such as park benches, tables, recycling and trash receptacles made from traditional wood, metal and concrete are no match for plastic lumber. Since these products are exposed to the outdoor elements, using a material that won’t break down or degrade is important. Plastic lumber doesn’t splinter or crack and will hold its ground against Mother Nature. For a premium high-quality look and feel, plastic lumber is a smarter building material for site amenities.

This includes any type of application in a factory or production area where traditional building materials can break down and get damaged over time. Wooden timbers will break down, rot or splinter over time, causing the need for maintenance and repairs. Plastic lumber is a great alternative that will outperform and outlast wood especially in factories where there are corrosive chemicals. In environments where safety is a top priority, plastic lumber is the perfect solution because it won’t harbor mold or bacteria. Use Bedford Technology structural recycled plastic lumber to solve all of your manufacturing design and construction challenges.