Continuously Extruded Structural-Grade Plastic Lumber

Strucutral plastic lumber marine fendering

Tangent’s Structural products are designed to be customized to meet individual strength and load bearing requirements for a variety of product and component needs. Tangent’s Structural Continuously Extruded materials can be formulated to project requirements, with various loading levels of reinforcing fibers and other proprietary ingredients to meet your project specifications.

This material is ideal for light- to medium-duty commercial or industrial applications. For the most demanding structural applications, we add continuous and full-length fiberglass rebar within the cross section to reach the highest strength possible to meet your component, product or overall project need.

Designed to satisfy a range of structural requirements, our Structural CE products are stronger, stiffer and have a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction than our other recycled plastic lumber products.

Structural-Grade, Continuously-Extruded Plastic Lumber marine application

Available in any transportable length, our Structural CE products match function and aesthetics by utilizing a co-extruded skin that allow for a beautiful finish and color flexibility. This external skin or “cap” encases the inside core and is comprised of the highest quality resins, pigments and UV-resistant additives; creating a durable, superior external finish with no compromises of beauty.



Continuously-Extruded Plastic Lumber on truck dolphins
Features and Benefits
  • Customized for structural applications
  • Requires no waterproofing, staining or painting
  • Negligible water absorption so mold and mildew cannot penetrate the surface
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Will not suffer damage from bugs, insects or barnacles underwater
  • Resistant to UV and harsh weather and waterfront climates
  • Will not leach toxins above or below waterline installations
  • Surface embossed finish & textures available for slip-resistance
  • Compatible with common woodworking tools and CNC fabrication techniques
  • Greater impact resistance than wood and wood fiber composites
  • Can be custom produced for your unique application or project for structural requirement, shape, length and color
  • Light to heavy duty structural applications
  • Wetland and waterfront structures
  • Fabricated products
  • Residential and commercial docks and piers
  • Boardwalks, nature walks, fishing piers, dune crossovers – decking, handrail & substructure
  • Bridge Pier Protection, – bridge fender wales, bull rails, backing beams, chocks etc.
  • Pipe supports for storm water outfalls
  • Landscape timbers
  • Dock & deck cross-bracing
  • Signposts
  • Playground equipment posts & bracing
  • Railroad cross-ties
  • There are no color limitations for our Structural CE products as it can be produced in any standard or customized color.
  • Available in a wide range of cross-sections from typical lumber sizes, all the way up to timber sizes of 16”
  • Available in any transportable length, with common lengths of 16’, 20’ and 24’
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