25th January, 2022

Why the Future Needs HDPE Plastic Marine Piles

There’s no doubt that HDPE plastic marine piles are the way of the future. Given their amazing durability, longevity, and cost-efficiency, HDPE plastic replaces wood by a wide margin. Read this guide on why the future needs HDPE plastic marine piles to learn more.


One of the main reasons people use HDPE plastic for foundational piling is that it’s long-lasting. HDPE plastic marine piling is engineered from advanced recycled composite plastics and fiberglass. Whereas traditional wood succumbs to outdoor weather conditions and general wear that leads to degradation and repair, HDPE plastic does not. The natural moisture resistance ensures that marine borers, mold, fungus, and crustaceans never ruin the integrity of the piling. HDPE plastic has a lifespan of around 25 years, even under heavy use.

Highly Durable

As previously mentioned, HDPE plastic marine piling is no joke compared to traditional wood. Many people don’t realize that HDPE piling offers greater durability and strength than other materials without any extra maintenance or cost. The dense skin provides a low-friction surface. Through general application, the HDPE piling will not leach toxins above or below waterline installations. Additionally, you never need to waterproof, stain, or paint the marine piling. Naturally, HDPE withstands harsh weather conditions such as heat, cold, ice, and moisture. While it cuts, drills, and secures like normal wood, it lasts longer and offers greater durability than other materials.


Finally, another reason why the future needs HDPE marine piles is due to their cost-efficiency. Whereas other traditional functional piling materials can be costly due to maintenance or installation, HDPE is not. Instead, its customization offers the best product without any stress about cost. With over 11 standard colors and custom color combinations available, you can create functional piling to match any outdoor marina, all at affordable prices. HDPE marine pilings ensure a long-lasting, durable material that will increase your return on investment.

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