22nd September, 2021

Why Plastics Are the Best Material for Marine Piling

Foundations are crucial to the integrity of structures. The layer where the foundation transfers the load must have a solid bearing capacity and characteristics that enable it to settle correctly. There are multiple options for materials for this—but plastics are the superior choice. Read on to learn why plastics are the best material for marine piling.

Pile Foundation: The Basics

Pile foundation is a deep foundation in the shape of a slender cylinder. A pile foundation is mostly used for large structures. It is the best option in situations where soil at a shallow depth, is not able to resist the settlement, and could affect the structural integrity of the building. Here are a few situations where pile foundations are the best option.

  • Instances where other foundation types are not doable
  • When there is high groundwater
  • If the soil is compressible when shallow

There are many other reasons foundation piling would be the best option, but the above are a few key examples.

Properties of HDPE

HDPE is an advanced plastic material that is engineered specifically for marine applications. Material for marine piling can be made from recycled HDPE and fiberglass strands and rods. The material is perfect for heavy-duty applications such as those in the marine industry. Here are some features of HDPE that make it perfect for foundation piling.

  • It lasts over 25 years
  • It does not splinter, rot, or degrade
  • No waterproofing is required
  • It does not leach toxins
  • It has a low-friction surface

These properties make HDPE, or plastics, the best option for foundation piling. They do not become affected by the water in marine applications, and they are structurally sound for even difficult terrain.

Why Tangent Materials Is the Best Option

Here at Tangent Materials, we produce strong and reliable HDPE materials perfectly created for marine applications. They offer coastal protection without negative environmental impacts. Our materials are superior and can withstand even harsh weather conditions. Contact us today for more information on our marine piling and other products. The main reason why plastics are the best material for foundation piling is that we take care in producing the best product possible. Marine decking is also a great plastic lumber option.