22nd November, 2021

Why Build with HDPE for Low-Maintenance Boardwalks

Building a reliant boardwalk is not as troublesome as it may seem if you have the right materials. While traditional wood is the typical option, don’t neglect HDPE plastic wood. High-density polyethylene is a recent structural material perfect for marine applications. Read this guide on why the ideal building material is HDPE for low-maintenance boardwalks and decking.

It’s Sturdy

Perhaps the most important reason why you need to switch to HDPE plastic wood is that it’s sturdy. HDPE plastic has unmatched durability and resilience that even traditional wood fails to highlight. Certain HDPE plastic piling is manufactured specifically for marine applications. Made from recycled HDPE and fiberglass components, it’s proven the most successful and versatile material for heavy-duty marinas, docks, bridge pier protections, navigational aids, wave fences, and more.

It’s Moisture-Resistant

Another great part of HDPE is that it’s naturally moisture resistant. Whereas traditional wood rots over time, HDPE never does. The dense skin provides a low friction surface which moisture never damages. There’s no waterproofing, staining, or painting required. Relatedly, there’s no risk of marine borers or insect infestations. HDPE plastic wood comes ready based on your specific application, depending on the dimensions, sizing, and finish you order.

It Doesn’t Crack, Splinter, or Warp

More so, HDPE plastic wood never cracks, splinters, or warps like normal wood. Given its composite nature, plastic lumber is made for marine applications. The wood-free composition ensures no splintering, warping, or cracking can occur under harsh conditions. You should see no degradation, making it an ideal low-maintenance solution for long-term use. In fact, installations can last over 25 years and still retain their original manufactured appearance.

It’s Economical

With all that, it’s obvious why HDPE is ideal for building low-maintenance boardwalks. However, if that’s not enough, there’s one more reason to consider it: it’s economical. Given that there’s no splintering, rot, or degradation, there’s little maintenance needed. That means more money in your pocket to care for other projects. Additionally, you can order your marine piling specific to your boardwalk’s dimensions and suitability. HDPE wood cuts, drills, and secures like traditional materials, but you can still order it based on your specific needs and requirements.

Therefore, there’s no better solution to find coastal marine piling than Tangent Materials. We specialize in composite plastics engineered for the marine industry. Our marine piling and timber are made from recycled HDPE and fiberglass components suitable for heavy-duty applications. Whether it’s for wave fences, groynes, walings, bullrails, fender piling systems, boardwalks, bridge pier protections, or more, we’ve got you covered.