19th April, 2021

What Is Continuously Extruded Plastic Lumber?

Among plastic lumber products, there are different variations you can choose from for your projects. One of these is continuously extruded (CE) lumber. If you’re asking, “What is continuously extruded plastic lumber?” keep reading to understand more about this material and its great potential.

The Process of Continuous Extrusion

Continuous extrusion is the name of the process that companies may use to produce plastic lumber. In it, they melt HDPE plastic into a liquid form. They then mix in additives to give the plastic UV resistance and make it physically stronger. Colorants also go into the HDPE at this stage. Next, a machine called an extruder forces the plastic through a narrow component called a die. The die is what gives the plastic its final shape as a lumber board. From there, other machines cool the plastic lumber and cut it to desired lengths.

The Features of CE Plastic Lumber

The manufacturing process is the main factor that defines what continuously extruded plastic lumber is. Continuously extruded plastic lumber gains some great qualities because of how companies make it. It can come in long lengths because manufacturers can control where to cut newly extruded pieces. CE plastic lumber is best suited to lighter and medium-duty applications and can have fiberglass rebar run through to it to give it extra strength. The colorants allow it to come in a variety of bright and earth-tone colors, and manufacturers can emboss its surfaces to give it wood-like and slip-resistant textures.

Since CE plastic lumber is made of HDPE, it doesn’t need staining or any other treatment to make it waterproof. In addition, insects, barnacles, and mold can’t eat into it as they can with wood. The material is extremely versatile as well because it’s dimensionally customizable and compatible with CNC and woodworking equipment.

The Applications of CE Plastic Lumber

As stated, CE plastic lumber can fulfill a wide range of applications. You can use it to construct outdoor furniture, playground equipment, benches, and signposts. Since you can choose its hue, you can skip painting it for these uses, even if you want it in a bold primary hue such as red or yellow. For medium-sized applications, you can utilize CE plastic lumber in making docks, piers, boardwalks, and landscape timber arrangements. No matter what you need it for, it’ll provide you with an attractive look that is invaluable in circumstances where aesthetics are important.

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