20th April, 2021

The Uses of Construction Equipment Mats

Think of construction and your mind likely conjures up images of large vehicles and heavy materials. In the background of many jobsites sits an unsung hero of safety, though. This is the equipment mat, which is a sturdy, flat rectangle of wood, rubber, or plastic that sits on the ground. Tangent provides structural plastic lumber in customizable dimensions that you can use for equipment mats. We’ll go over the uses of construction equipment mats and show how plastic lumber is an ideal material for them here.

Creates a Stable Base for Equipment

Your construction equipment may not be able to fulfill its function if the ground that it’s standing on is unstable. Shifting soil could lead to equipment tipping over or becoming stuck, for example. Rough ground is also more taxing on tires and treads, meaning that they’ll wear down quickly. In contrast, equipment mats made of plastic lumber are even and solid. This is because manufacturers mold plastic lumber into the specific shapes that you need, ensuring that they’re uniform. Unlike wood, plastic lumber doesn’t warp out of shape due to water, chemicals, or physical forces either. You can continue to rely on the material over long periods of time with minimal upkeep. Plastic lumber construction mats will thus support your equipment as it moves and help to stave off costly repairs.

Shields the Environment From Damage

The various construction vehicles that you need to build structures are often so weighty that they create deep, damaging tracks in the ground or cause loose earth to sink. These imbalanced spots can then impede further work because you must flatten the soil before proceeding with your work. Plastic lumber construction mats free you from this concern because they’re dense enough to support the mass of construction equipment without bending greatly or breaking. Manufacturers can reinforce plastic lumber with fiberglass strands or fiberglass rebar. The material’s composition prevents it from warping and falling apart under the weight of heavy machinery. Since plastic lumber equipment mats absorb the load, the ground beneath them remains unharmed.

Allows Work in Unideal Conditions

Because construction mostly takes place outdoors, conditions are not always ideal for work. Rain can fall and morph a jobsite into a muddy mess, and some areas naturally have wet soil. It’s harder to walk on mud while carrying materials and tools and vehicles can get trapped in it as well. Thankfully, one important use of construction equipment mats is to create useable pathways over mud. When it comes to unideal conditions, plastic lumber mats are great because manufacturers can create textures on the surfaces of the plastic lumber to give it good traction, even when wet. Of course, plastic lumber’s complete resistance to water and harsh weather is a plus as well. You won’t need to worry about it rotting or harboring bacteria and mold as you continue to use it in muddy areas.

With all this information in mind, you should call Tangent today if you want to have some dependable equipment mats for your construction work. The recycled plastic construction materials that we supply are great for creating equipment mats because they’re extremely tough. Plastic lumber will have no problem supporting your large equipment on jobsites and protecting it from scratches and damage.