24th March, 2022

How Plastic Landscape Timbers Increase Crop Yield

When it comes to running your farm, finding ways to maximize your yearly crop output is vital to success. These efforts leave you with more to sell and help maintain the quality of the land for future growing seasons. While there are many ways to go about this, one of the most effective is the use of plastic landscape timbers in your fencing and enclosure construction. This is how synthetic landscape timbers increase crop yield and why they’re a great option for any agricultural endeavors.

Increased Protection and Stability

It’s no secret that animals are among the leading causes of crop loss every year. From raccoons to squirrels to rabbits, all of them have the potential to cause severe damage to your fields if you don’t properly guard against them. Plastic landscape timbers have superior stability and strength, making it much more difficult for critters to chew their way through your protective fences and enclosures. This feature also helps ensure your crops have sufficient cover from heavy weather that comes your way. In rain, sleet, or shine, plastic landscape timbers can withstand any type of stress and leave your harvest better off for it.

Improved Resistance to Insects

In addition to keeping animals and weather at bay, plastic timbers can also help keep out any insects that would eat your crops. Standard wooden fencing is highly susceptible to termites and other types of infestation, increasing the risk of harvest contamination by proximity. Recycled plastic fencing isn’t nearly as attractive to them, making it easier to keep these insects away from your crops.

Fewer Harmful Toxins

The most noteworthy way that plastic landscape timbers increase crop yield is through preserving your soil’s chemical concentration. As treated wood ages and degrades with the weather, it can leech harmful toxins into the soil around it. Not only do these chemicals inhibit the growth of your more sensitive crops, but they can also cause them to die early into the growing season. Synthetic materials don’t degrade as quickly or as fully, keeping their chemical makeup out of the nearby soil.

If you’re in need of premium materials to keep your crops safe during your growing season, Tangent Materials has just the products. Specializing in the creation of recycled plastic landscape timbers, we make sure that every component we sell is up to the job at hand. Whether you want fencing or lumber, we’re confident that our materials won’t rot, splinter, or crack—even under advanced levels of strain.