05th May, 2022

How Plastic Fencing Can Improve Your Horse’s Quality of Life

Horses are incredibly powerful creatures, capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and kicking with a force of 2,000 psi. However, just because an animal is strong doesn’t mean it can go without proper, intentional care.

Neglecting to create a safe, clean environment for your horse is part of that necessary care. Using plastic fencing instead of conventional wood is an easy way to accomplish this. Here is how plastic fencing can improve a horse’s quality of life.

Plastic Horse Fencing Benefits:

It’s Sturdy

It’s easy to understand why we want horse fencing to be sturdy. After all, no one wants to constantly spend time and money replacing a broken fence. Durability is also important for a horse’s safety.

If a horse gets startled and runs into a wooden fence, there’s a chance that the fence will splinter, potentially harming the horse. Durable HDPE plastic lumber flexibility makes it less likely to break. And in the unlikely event that it does, the breaks are usually clean, which prevents your horse from getting splinters.

Additionally, plastic fencing can hold up against the ravages of cribbing. This will stop your horse from ingesting wood shards if they get too bored while on stall rest.

It’s Water-Resistant

Since trees spend all their time outdoors, it’s natural to assume that wood must be weather-resistant, right? While some wood types are more resistant, excessive moisture can eventually lead to mold and fungal growth. This can degrade your barn’s overall air quality, which is bad for your horses.

Plastic fencing is fully weather-resistant and doesn’t require chemical treatment. This prevents the accumulation of bacteria for a healthier environment for your horse.

It’s Easy to Maintain

A lot of mud and dust gets kicked up in stables, and all that debris can stick to your fences. Keeping interior fencing clean is almost as important as keeping the stall itself clean.

Because plastic fencing is water-resistant, it’s incredibly easy to clean. Simply spraying it down with a hose is usually enough to get the mud and debris off, and the dry time is incredibly quick.

Knowing the ways plastic fencing can improve horses’ quality of life is the first step toward a happy herd. That’s why Tangent Materials is a proud supplier of plastic livestock fencing. Our materials are durable and high-quality, perfect for making you and your horse’s world a little better.