03rd June, 2022

4 Ways Structural Plastic Lumber Can Create a Better Future

When it comes to our future, we all want to build something that lasts. That’s why we invest so heavily in our schools, environment, and infrastructure. And a good infrastructure requires high-quality structures, whether it’s fencing or marine boardwalks.

Structural plastic lumber is a key part of designing structures that will last. While wood has been the traditional choice for building in the past, we want to explore ways structural plastic lumber can create a better future in the building world.

Build Stronger with Structural Plastic Lumber

Plastic structural lumber is built to last. This lumber doesn’t splinter or break apart, and you can reinforce it to become even stronger. This helps it stand up against the normal wear and tear of daily life.

And even more significantly, it’s completely water and pest resistant. That means inclement weather won’t cause it to weaken or develop rot, and it won’t attract termites that will damage it. Your structure will likely be around for generations to come.

Reduction of Waste

Having stronger structures isn’t only helpful for the future generations who’ll use them. Creating things that will last prevents us from having to use the natural and manmade resources necessary to repair or replace them over and over again. That means we can help the environment by not having to throw away old lumber.

Additionally, structural plastic lumber is made with recycled plastic. This means we can reduce the number of plastic trash going into landfills, cutting back on all the negative impacts of plastics.

Keeping Trees in the Ground

Trees are classified as renewable resources. However, after planting a new tree, it’ll take years for it to reach the maturity necessary to be used for building purposes. Not to mention, trees are a vital part of our ecosystems and the earth’s air quality.

By utilizing plastic lumber where possible, we can leave our forests intact. This helps improve the air and biodiversity of the world and prevent soil erosion.

Use Fewer Chemicals Plastic Lumber

Before we can use wood for a structure, it must undergo chemical treatments to help prevent wood rot and insect infestations. While this helps the structures last longer, it can potentially leech harmful chemicals into the surrounding environment. This is especially true for waterborne structures like marine piling.

Because plastic is already waterproof, it doesn’t need chemical treatment. This makes it a safer choice to put in a variety of outdoor environments without damaging them.

People are often surprised by all the ways structural plastic lumber can help make a better future, but we aren’t. That’s why at Tangent Materials, we have a variety of plastic structural lumber to help you create structures that will last for years to come. Check out our options for your next project.