21st December, 2021

Benefits of Using Plastic Landscape Timber on Your Farm

There are many reasons to switch to high-density polyethylene plastic lumber. It’s an exceptional building material with a vast portfolio of applications, from residential to marine. This includes agriculture and landscaping. Learn the benefits of using plastic landscape timber on your farm from this guide. Then, order yours to replace your current building materials and see for yourself.

It’s Cheaper

One of the main benefits of plastic lumber is that it’s cheaper than alternative materials. Contrary to popular belief, you save more money with HDPE plastic timber than traditional wood, concrete, brick, or other common agricultural materials. That’s because agricultural plastic lumber requires no additional maintenance or upkeep. It’s naturally resistant to moisture, weather, and termite infestations. That saves more money in long-term expenses for your farm. Using plastic landscape timber will save you money.

Less Maintenance

As previously stated, preserving plastic timber requires considerably less maintenance than preserving traditional wood or other materials. Given that HDPE plastic landscape lumber is used for outdoor applications, you may think sunlight, inclement weather, and other environmental conditions play a role in degradation and disrepair. While this is true for wood or other materials, plastic timber never succumbs to these issues. Instead, only extreme temperatures can cause warping or misalignment. Moisture, natural sunlight, chemical agents, and other external factors typically don’t affect HDPE plastic. Your plastic landscape timber still retains its shape, hold, and finish all year long.

Unmatched Sturdiness and Resilience

Another benefit of using plastic landscape timber on your farm is unmatched sturdiness and resilience. HDPE plastic is not prone to insect infestations or microorganisms that otherwise damage traditional wood. Its composite nature further protects it from humidity and precipitation. Additionally, HDPE plastic lumber is highly resilient to heavy loads, such as soil, fertilizers, and crop yields without damage. Your produce remains safe and secure without the need for continual upkeep on your HDPE applications.

Better Protection for Crops and Livestock

Lastly, HDPE plastic timber is effective at protecting your crops and livestock. HDPE plastic lumber has a wide variety of practical agricultural and landscaping applications. Commonly, this includes equestrian fencing, livestock pens, vineyard trellises, manure spreaders, potato flumes, and trailer beds. Since it’s inherently resistant to salt, oils, fungus, and insects without the need for chemical treatments, HDPE plastic timber is a highly sought-after, environmentally-friendly material that protects your crops and livestock.

With that, Tangent Materials is the go-to solution for your HDPE plastic lumber needs. We specialize in synthetic landscape timbers perfect for agriculture. Whether this pertains to livestock pens, fencing, crop flumes, or other applications, our HDPE plastic lumber reduces cost on maintenance, repair, and upkeep without needing a full replacement. Call now for more information or order your plastic agricultural timber for your farm today.