04th November, 2019

Advantages of Using Tangent Sustainable Lumber

Wood is an understandable choice when choosing or constructing outdoor furniture. But it may not always be the most ideal choice due to its natural limitations. Thankfully, there is a solution to this dilemma. Plastic poly wood lumber effectively answers the drawback of traditional wood with its unique properties. Here are some of the major advantages of using  furniture around your home or building.


One of the great strengths of furniture made from plastic poly wo lumber is the versatility of the material. Just like normal wood, you can cut and shape poly lumber to fit the design of your furniture. Whether it be a chair, table, or bench, Tangent Sustainable Lumber can fulfill any function that you may otherwise employ traditional wood for.

On top of this, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and textures. Manufacturers can produce plastic lumber in everything from earthen browns and stony greys to tropical turquoise and bright red. You can choose default smoother surfaces or more wood-like ridged aesthetics as well.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to normal wood, plastic wood is easy to maintain and keep clean. It doesn’t require sanding, staining, or coating to be free from splinters and frayed edges. Plus, you don’t need to add harmful chemicals to poly wood for it to stay in good condition.

Furthermore, it will not require painting or retouching later on because its colors do not fade over time due to UV exposure. The only maintenance you will have to perform on furniture made with plastic lumber will be to clean it with soap and water.


Outdoor furniture composed of traditional wood can deteriorate substantially due to its organic nature. Not so with Tangent Sustainable Lumber, as it is resistant to all the usual problems that wood faces. Salt, oil, prolonged moisture, and cracking will not weaken and ruin your furnishings. At the same time, pesky organisms such as fungi, molds, and boring animals won’t infest the poly lumber and cause it to rot into an unserviceable state of decay. You can rest assured knowing your furniture will last through all these hazards.

Environmental Friendliness

Perhaps the most surprising advantage of Tangent Sustainable Lumber furniture is its eco-friendliness. Plastic lumber consists of recycled post-consumer and post-industrial jugs, bottles, and other products, so it brings new life into waste that would otherwise go to landfills. Plastic lumber companies redirect this waste into useful material for durable furniture and other applications. Plastic poly wood is completely recyclable as well, so companies can take back old furnishings and repurpose them if you decide to swap your décor. Even the creation of plastic lumber gives off minimal greenhouse gas emissions, diminishing the environmental impact further.

If you want to capitalize on these benefits for your furniture, contact Tangent Materials today. Our materials are perfect for making tangent sustainable lumber furniture that will look pleasing and impress you with its resilience.