04th July, 2019

Furniture-Grade Plastic Lumber: Your #1 Choice

furniture-grade plastic lumberFun fact: fiberglass was first launched in 1995 by Owens Corning. Since the mid-90s, materials for furiture and construction have come a long long way. For instance, furniture-Grade plastic lumber has many benefits when compared side by side with wood or metal. In this article, you will find out why furniture-grade plastic lumber should be your number one choice for your outdoor furniture. The most important factors when looking for long lasting outdoor furniture are material, maintenance, and durability. We all know that wood gets old and can start to rot, and metal rusts over time. Now, for all of those who are thinking green and worried about producing more plastic, that’s the best part. Furniture-grade plastic lumber has the potential to be a totally green option.

Furniture-grade simply means that there are high quality standards. Furniture-grade plastic lumber upholds these standards for the environment and its protection. These are implemented throughout the entire manufacturing process. This material can be made of recycled plastic lumber. This makes it a safe playground solution, good for playable art, and more! According to Bedford Technology, “plastic lumber is manufactured from post-consumer recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastics such as milk jugs and/or laundry detergent bottles.” This innovative compound should really become a staple product for outdoor furniture.

When comparing furniture-grade plastic lumber to other traditional materials such as wood and metal, furniture-grade plastic lumber wins the day for low-maintenance. There is no painting or staining required, you don’t have to worry about wood rot or worse, splinters. Furniture-grade plastic lumber is also resistant to pests such as termites. If you’re in the landscaping business, or you’re a homeowner trying to increase your curb appeal or backyard hangout, this material can do it all! Love the look of wood, and want it for your deck, without having to worry about future compromise to the wood? No worries, furniture-grade plastic lumber comes in a variety of finishes that allows you to get the look you’re searching for every time. If you haven’t considered using furniture-grade plastic lumber, it might be time to look into it!