04th October, 2021

3 Ways HDPE Outperforms Treated Wood Alternatives

When you’re building anything that wood is a consideration for, it’s important to note that there are other treated wood alternatives. Companies can use countless wood alternatives for their applications, which may have more benefits—and better cost-effectiveness—than traditional wood.

Check out the top three ways HDPE outperforms treated wood alternatives so you can make your decision with confidence.

HDPE: The Basics

HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. Made from petroleum, this thermoplastic polymer is one of the most versatile plastics available. It’s used to create things that you likely use every day. Here are a few examples of just how versatile HDPE can be:

HDPE Is Manufactured Using Recycled Plastics

HDPE may be a plastic product—but it’s eco-friendly. HDPE is a sustainable material that can be both recyclable and made from post-consumer materials. HDPE manufacturing can vary—some are made up of 25 percent recycled or refurbished plastic, but it can also range to 100 percent recycled or refurbished materials. What you find can differ depending on where you look! Check manufacturer’s for third-party certifications to verify that their product is what they say it is.

HDPE Is Lightweight and Strong

HDPE is known for its lightweight yet durable quality. It’s stronger and considered more stable than a majority of products on the market today, such as most other plastics, wood, and even some forms of metal. Its impact resistance also ensures minimal—if any—scratches or dents.

HDPE Is Condition-Resistant

HDPE is powerful against countless weather and temperature conditions. It can withstand higher temperatures than other materials (up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit!). It’s resistant to rain, it will not decay from moisture, and it is great in nearly all conditions.

There are far more than three ways HDPE outperforms treated wood alternatives, but these three are great to keep in mind for your next project. Contact us at Tangent Materials for more information on our HDPE products, such as our plastic retaining wall and more.