11th July, 2019

3 Things to Consider When Buying Plastic Lumber

With an ever-increasing focus on green, environmentally friendly practices, many individuals and organizations are moving away from traditional lumber and buying plastic lumber to use in various projects.

Plastic lumber has several benefits in addition to the benefits for the environment, and a well-known brand like Tangent plastic lumber is used more and more frequently in the construction of all kinds.

Environmental Considerations

Plastic lumber is made from recycled materials, and it can be recycled itself. Despite the perception that some people might share that recycled materials can’t be as durable as first-use goods and supplies, plastic lumber is actually just as strong as (and sometimes stronger than) wood and is low-maintenance.

Often, wood is treated with harsh chemicals to improve its longevity. These chemicals can be toxic, whereas plastic lumber requires no treatment. And finally, plastic lumber is recyclable itself, so while it’s saving trees, it’s not doing any additional damage to existing landfills.

Durability Considerations

Plastic lumber is as strong as (or stronger than) traditional lumber when it comes to decking or furniture. Regular wood can be susceptible to rot, and the conditions for wood rot are common. Water, oxygen, and a temperature range between 40 and 105 are ideal conditions for wood rot. Plastic lumber does not rot and requires no additional care to maintain its durability.

Uses in Construction

While plastic lumber is not used for structural purposes, it is a great option for framing a house, window, or door. It’s most common uses, however, are decking, outdoor furniture, plastic fencing, durable playground equipment, and landscaping.

The landscaping industry, in particular, has caught on to the use of plastic lumber. It can be used for outdoor fixtures, raised garden beds, decks and as planks for boardwalks. More often, playground equipment is built with plastic lumber, not just for public parks, but for equipment that is sold and installed in homes.


Plastic lumber, like SelectForce brand plastic lumber, is a high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly option for construction of all kinds, from parks and recreation, to home building. It can be used for landscaping, in parks, for outdoor furniture, and for certain elements of home construction as well, like window and door frames. It is not susceptible to wood rot like traditional lumber, is recyclable, helps saves trees and is as strong as lumber–and in some cases stronger. And the best part? You never have to refinish it! Contact us if you want to learn more about buying plastic lumber.