23rd June, 2020

Why Plastic Lumber Is Stronger Than Wood

For about as long as people have been constructing structures and frames, they have been cutting wood to use as a building material. Wood can be cut into various shapes and is adequately durable for many applications. With the advancements of technology, however, we can create even better materials. One of these is plastic lumber. These are the main reasons why plastic lumber is stronger than wood.

It Does Not Break Apart

Wood is plenty tough to begin with, but as the seasons roll on by, it can break apart. This may occur because of physical bumps and grazes that chip off pieces or lead to splintering. It may also happen due to organisms such as molds and insects, which feast on the wood and weaken it. Plastic lumber stands strong amidst all this. When it is hit by a force or another object, parts of it will not break off. Those organisms that eat up wood do not bother plastic lumber, either.

It Can Be Reinforced

The strength of wood is dependent upon its quality. You can’t do much to change its inherent sturdiness once it has been harvested. A plastic lumber company can make changes to the composition of plastic lumber in order to reinforce it, however. There are forms of plastic lumber that have fiberglass strands mixed in to make them more rigid and durable. Plastic lumber may also have fiberglass rebar placed inside to make it suited for heavy-duty structural use.

It Is Resistant to Water

Perhaps the most prominent reason why plastic lumber is stronger than wood is that it is completely water-resistant. Many of the structures that you might craft from wood are meant for outdoor use. They are consequently exposed to precipitation, condensation, humidity, and sometimes direct contact with bodies of water. Wood must be treated with a protective chemical coating in order to help it stand up to these conditions. If not, it can quickly rot. Plastic lumber is immune to water’s effects. It does not absorb it or become destabilized by it. Moreover, you don’t need to apply a layer sealant onto plastic lumber periodically for it to stay that way.

You may want to use plastic lumber in your next project so that you can be assured that your structure will remain sturdy for a long time to come. If so, call Tangent Materials to learn more about our structural composite lumber.