01st June, 2018

10 Common Commercial Recycled Plastic Lumber Uses

Why Use Recycled Plastic Lumber?

Manufactured out of high-quality recycled HDPE, recycled plastic lumber is strong, colorfast, durable and can be customized for a wider variety of applications. It is a great choice for projects that are normally affected by harsh weather conditions (snow, wind, extreme cold and heat and heavy moisture). Come learn more about plastic lumber uses.

Recycled plastic lumber is resistant to cracking and splitting, doesn’t rot like wood or wood-blend materials and is a sustainable and durable product that is easy to install. It is recyclable and is environmentally-friendly. Whenever you can take part in reducing plastic from landfills you are doing well by the environment. Plastic lumber is one of the major factors in decreasing the amount of non-degradable plastic that consumes our landfills each year. Not only is plastic lumber made from recycled plastics, but it is also recyclable at the end of its life.

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits, let’s take a closer look at 10 commercial applications where replacing traditional wooden timbers with recycled plastic lumber will help drive profitability, increase the life-cycle of your project and reduce maintenance costs over time.

10 Common Commercial Recycled Plastic Lumber Uses

1. Docks, Piers & Boat Launches

What do docks, piers and boat launches have in common? They are all located near water and require the project material to withstand all of the weather conditions that the sea life has to throw at it: sun, moisture, and heavy use and bumps and scrapes from barges and vessels.

A benefit of using plastic lumber as an alternative to wood is that it doesn’t require any finishing to keep it protected. You don’t need to paint it as the color is manufactured throughout, and it will not fade, peel or chip. Also, since plastic lumber is not chemically-treated, it is non-polluting and keeps the water safe for marine life.

2. Pallets

Pallets can be found in almost every warehouse across the country. Using plastic lumber for pallets provides a stronger and more durable solution than wooden pallets. Plastic lumber pallets are more resistant because they don’t splinter, rot or break due to heavy loads and are resistant to moisture and extreme environments.

3. Fencing

Plastic lumber is the perfect solution for all of your fencing projects. Large or small, you can have it custom designed to whatever size and dimension you like. Durable and sturdy, your recycled plastic lumber fencing system won’t need maintenance, paint or repairs. Resistant to bugs, extreme weather conditions and wood rot, you will be able to enjoy your fence for years to come. You can also have it embossed to resemble real wood in a variety of colors for worry-free fencing that will last.

4. Outdoor Molding & Trim

Molding and trim can all be constructed with plastic lumber. Our product is maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. You can have all your trim resemble a real wood appearance for less life-cycle cost and more reliability. It will last much longer than real wood trim without the need to paint, stain or replace due to bug or water damage.

5. Outdoor Furniture

Extending the life of your outdoor furniture just got really easy by using plastic lumber. The biggest problem you will encounter with these furniture pieces is getting your friends and family out of them and back to their own homes.

These items are much more durable than treated lumber and are perfectly safe to leave outside in all sorts of weather, because they won’t rot, absorb water, acquire mold or mildew and are resistant to bugs or other wildlife.

You can find:

  • Lounge Chairs
  • Adirondack Chairs
  • Settees
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Swings
  • Benches

As for tables, you can find

  • Small Side Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Picnic Tables
  • Bar Tables
  • Dining Tables
  • Counter Tables

They are great for outdoor use at your home, restaurant or pub. Sturdy enough so they won’t get blown around by strong winds and durable enough to handle anything that Mother Nature might throw at it.

6. Parks

State Parks are becoming eco-friendly, so why not use plastic lumber for as much of the park amenities as you can and reduce the impact on the environment while also reducing the maintenance? Weatherproofed to withstand all types of conditions, you won’t get a splinter in your backside when you sit down at the picnic table for lunch.

Plastic lumber can be very useful for your local park, playground equipment and even for boardwalks. It is also great for park benches, signage, trail markers, wrap around benches around trees and even swing sets.

7. Exterior Windows & Door Frames

Replacing your exterior windows and door frames with plastic lumber is another option for those wishing to find an alternative to wood. It is cost-effective and requires very little maintenance. Plastic lumber is strong, durable and resistant to the weather, heat, and damp.

8. Landscaping

From border walls to decks, signs and walkways and raised garden beds, plastic lumber is a great choice for all landscaping needs. Plastic lumber is water-resistant and sturdy, which makes it the perfect choice for retaining walls and support for hills, gardens and lawns. You can have it embossed to meet any design or texture you like. Plastic lumber will not rot or fall apart due to excessive moisture and use.

9. Cribbing

Whether you need the cribbing for storage, relocation, heavy lifting or rescue operations, plastic lumber is extremely dependable when you need it most. It won’t crack or split under heavy loads and is easily transportable for moving heavy machinery. Use plastic lumber as your strong and durable foundation, and with many options for configurations, it will set a solid foundation for your projects for years to come.

10. Farm Structures

You can easily use this product for many structures around the farm such as manure spreaders, fencing, stables, and trailer beds. The durability and longevity of the synthetic lumber can save a lot of money that would otherwise be used for maintenance.

You no longer have to worry about maintaining or treating the wood and it’s easy to work with. No need to paint, or replace as you do with wood and it comes in a wide variety of colors.

Because our products are waterproof, easy clean with the power washer or garden hose and will not break or splinter if kicked, bumped or jolted, it’s a smart investment.

Is Plastic Lumber Right for You?

The short answer is, yes. Plastic lumber has many benefits, but one of the top benefits is its strength. It can hold up to wood, if not surpass it in terms of overall endurance and durability. There are so many plastic lumber uses!

It is perfect for all climates and weather conditions, as it won’t rot, split or weaken when wet for long periods of time. Plastic lumber lasts longer, holds its original appearance and is a sensible, sustainable alternative to traditional wood.

Because of its multitude of uses and the ability to custom-make almost any shape, style, texture or color you want, your possibilities seem endless.

If you’re looking for an alternative to wood, plastic lumber is the smart choice. Readily available and growing in popularity all the time, it’s worth a look.

Green Choices

For many, the “green” option for an alternative is its selling point. Engineered and manufactured from recycled material, and being recyclable itself, plastic lumber is saving trees and keeping landfills clear all at the same time.

Treated lumber has toxic elements in it that can seep out and cause damage or illness. Plastic lumber has no need for treatment and will last substantially longer than treated lumber.

Our plastic lumber has a limited warranty of 50 years and is a multi-generational product, so it is a logical choice for those looking to find an alternative building material.