26th October, 2020

The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Lumber for Landscaping

Plastic lumber is a unique material that is ideal for outdoor applications because it is strong and also visually appealing. It can therefore work efficaciously for landscaping, where it is able to meet all the demands of the structures it comprises. To understand how this building material may be useful to you, read about some of the benefits of recycled plastic lumber for landscaping.

Outdoor Resilience

A primary strength of plastic lumber for landscaping is that it has great resilience in outdoor settings. Due to the fact that it is made of HDPE plastic rather than actual wood, it is not susceptible to insects or microorganisms that could eat at it and decompose it. Similarly, it is not negatively affected by the presence of moisture from atmospheric humidity and precipitation. The physical qualities of plastic lumber are such that it can support heavy loads, such as large amounts of soil, and will not splinter when put under pressure. On top of all this, manufacturers can imbue it with UV resistance so that it does not discolor under the sun.

Wide Versatility for Plastic Lumber in Landscaping

Since plastic lumber imitates wood, it has the same wide versatility that makes it a valid option for a wide range of landscaping needs. It comes in the form of boards that you can cut to the precise dimensions you want. Whether you’re building a fence, a retaining wall, a deck, or a structure like a pergola, you can use plastic lumber to construct your project. Furthermore, the material can come in alternate forms that include fiberglass strands to reinforce their strength. If you’re concerned that plastic lumber in its base form will not be enough for some larger structures, these fortified versions will put your mind at ease.

Low Maintenance 

A benefit of recycled plastic lumber for landscaping that makes it attractive to property owners is that it does not require much maintenance over time. Whereas wood needs regular staining or sealing to guard it against rot, plastic lumber necessitates no treatment whatsoever. Besides an occasional wash to remove dirt, there are no complicated steps that you must take once you’ve finished your desired landscaping structure. You don’t need to worry about painting and repainting it either, as you can choose from many earth-tone, grey, and vibrant colors when you purchase it. These hues do not lie on the lumber’s surface only, but rather exist within the plastic itself.

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