29th November, 2021

Why You Should Use Poly Lumber Over Traditional Lumber

HDPE poly lumber is a recent yet highly popular building material perfect for many uses. Whether you’re building outdoor furniture or a marine boardwalk, there are many reasons why poly lumber excels over traditional wood. Check out this guide on why you should use poly lumber over traditional lumber to see why.

It’s Green

One of the main advantages of using poly lumber is that it’s green. Polyethylene lumber is an environmentally friendly material given its makeup of recycled plastic polymers. Known as high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, poly lumber derives from post-consumer plastic waste, like containers, bottles, pipes, grocery bags, and other materials. HDPE lumber is the perfect repurposed material that reduces the carbon footprint of landfills further protecting groundwater and air from pollutants. Additionally, whereas traditional lumber requires new resources, poly lumber requires no deforestation to produce.

It’s Low Maintenance

Anyone familiar with traditional lumber understands its makeup. Traditional lumber notoriously breaks down over time due to its composition. Due to heavy use or environmental factors like inclement weather, traditional wood cracks, warps, splinters, rots, and degrades meaning further maintenance and upkeep later on. Poly lumber completely avoids these issues. It’s resistant to sun, rain, snow, wind, and saltwater, making it an appropriate choice for residential, commercial, industrial, and marine applications. Furthermore, you needn’t use any insecticides or moisture protection on poly lumber given its durability and high-weather resistance.

It’s Designed Like Traditional Lumber

Another reason why you should use poly lumber over traditional lumber is that it’s designed the same. HDPE lumber retains its colored finish thereby reducing the need for continual paints. It also molds, shapes, and cuts like normal wood, making for seamless design choices. The UV-protection ensures no fading or flaws. Tangent materials offers a natural woodgrain pattern that retains the aesthetics of wood with the advantage of poly lumber’s strength, durability, and low maintenance.

Tangent Materials has the HDPE plastic lumber you need for any residential, commercial, industrial, or marine application. Whatever dimensions, finishes, or specifics you need, we have it. Browse our selection of polymer boards and plants to see which is best suited for your project. Want a sample? Request one to hold and feel our polymer wood for yourself. We’ll also give you a free quote if you have a project in mind. Call now with any questions or concerns and we’ll be more than happy to answer them.