10th January, 2022

Why Plastic Livestock Fencing Is Safer for Your Animals

Protecting your livestock is one of the most important responsibilities for any farmer. Whether you manage a dairy farm or have a few animals on hand, proper animal maintenance is a key priority of your farm’s success. With that said, here are some reasons why plastic livestock fencing is safer for your animals than other traditional materials. Use this guide to learn more about HDPE plastic livestock fencing and why you need to include it on your farm.

It Doesn’t Crack or Splinter

One of the best parts of plastic livestock is that it never cracks or splinters as traditional wood does. Unlike traditional timber, HDPE plastic timber has greater durability and resilience in its properties. High-density polyethylene features a high strength-to-density ratio, which makes it naturally resilient to moisture, weather, and continual use. The only thing to keep in mind with plastic fencing is that extreme temperatures can alter the look and performance of these boards. Still, plastic fencing offers greater durability than other materials in its conceptual nature.

It’s Versatile

Plastic livestock fencing is also versatile and practical. One of the best facets of plastic livestock fencing is that it doesn’t require further maintenance or alterations. Whether you’re building a horse corral, pig pen, chicken coop, or another animal shelter, HDPE plastic lumber is the material to do it. If you need to alter the dimensions of your plastic boards, rest assured that it cuts, paints, and finishes the same as traditional wood without additional maintenance or chemical agents. Once finished with your HDPE plastic livestock fencing, simply recycle it. The plastic nature makes it an environmentally conscious choice for your farm.

Plastic Livestock Fencing Protects Your Animals

Another reason why plastic livestock fencing is safer for your animals is that it protects your animals. Plastic livestock fencing acts as a stable enclosure for your animals no matter how large or small they are. HDPE fencing is a great choice for horses, cattle, poultry, pigs, goats, and sheep. You’ll feel better knowing your farm animals remain safe and secure for either indoor or outdoor applications.

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