22nd November, 2021

Why Plastic Beams Are Replacing Wood and Concrete

There are a few materials every contractor uses to build new structures. Traditionally, these materials included wood and concrete. After all, they’re timeless materials often heralded for their strength and versatility. However, nowadays contractors often opt a more sustainable, equally strong, and equally compliant material: plastic lumber. Here are some of the main reasons why plastic beams are replacing wood and concrete and why you should consider making the switch for your next structural project.

It’s Cost Efficient

First and foremost, HDPE (high-density poly ethylene) plastic lumber is cost efficient. Compared to traditional wood and concrete, it has little need for continual maintenance or upkeep. That saves more dollars than you’d expect from other construction materials. Furthermore, you pay directly for the precise dimensions you need. Whether it’s plastic lumber planks, pieces, or sheets, there’s no need for third-party cuts or shaping.

It’s Durable

Secondly, HDPE plastic lumber is extremely durable. Whereas traditional wood and concrete fall victim to changing weather conditions and environmental changes, plastic lumber remains true to its form. The only discrepancy lies with extreme heat and fire, but unless you live in an extremely hot climate, the chances are unlikely. That’s why plastic lumber is preferable for marine decking, indoor flooring, and outdoor decks and patios: it’s one of the most efficient, durable, weather resistant materials on the market today.

It’s Strong

Of course, another reason why plastic beams are replacing wood and concrete is because they’re just as strong—if not stronger, in some respects. Wood and concrete can break or sustain damage under strenuous use, but HDPE plastic doesn’t splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot. Plastic lumber is also impervious to mold, moisture, and bugs, so you’ll never have issues with these hidden problems. Wood and concrete need replacement after some time, but plastic lumber is engineered for longevity.

It’s Customizable

Lastly, plastic beams are entirely customizable to your specific needs, requirements, and specific project, whether it’s an outdoor, indoor, agricultural, ranching, or marine application. Thanks to the UV protection, your colors will remain bright and fresh even after continuous use and exposure to various elements. Additionally, the plethora of dimensions ensures you find the exact pieces you need for your project in a fast, reliable manner.

Tangent Materials has the plastic lumber you need for your next construction project. Our HDPE plastic beams are designed to meet any structural requirements, no matter their specificity. Browse our selection of SelectForce®, FiberForce®, and BarForce® products to see which is right for you. If you’re confused at all, call us with any questions, and our team will happily assist you.