10th January, 2019

Using Recycled Plastic in Landscaping: What You Need to Know

Plastic landscaping tools and resources are being more heavily embraced by homeowners and commercial landscapers alike. Recycling innovations have resulted in a variety of ways to take maximum advantage of all that recycled plastic lumber and plastic wood fences have to offer. With that in mind, here’s what homeowners and landscapers should know about using environmentally friendly plastic wood fences and other sustainable equipment.

Uses For Recycled Plastic Fencing

First, you should know that there are such a wide variety of offerings when it comes to sustainable and weather resistant landscaping tools made from plastic:

“Plastic landscape timber edging is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles and colors. Some look rough cut, like real wood, while others are rounded or may interlock. In addition to lawn and garden edging, plastic timbers are also used for several other landscape applications. Benches, picnic tables, walkways and bridges can be built using this landscape timber. The durability of the plastic makes this type of timber ideal to use around a child’s sandbox or to section off a play area,” says SFGate Home Guides.

Benefits of Recycled Plastic Materials

While it’s not considered an all-natural material, plastic landscaping timber and lumber can vastly improve the overall appeal of your backyard space or commercial landscaping space. It’s durable, affordable, sustainably made, and incredibly easy to take care of. Experts say these types of products have at least a 50-year life expectancy. Up until that time, they’re virtually guaranteed to hold up to heavy weather conditions and general wear and tear with the proper maintenance.


As mentioned, these types of plastic eco-friendly landscaping materials are available in any number of customized shapes, sizes, and colors. If you have a specific project in mind, just take it to one of the many experts who can help make your dream a reality. These materials are sustainable and innovative for any number of landscaping and playground applications.

Egyptians and Mesopotamians used the first composite building materials in 1500 BC by mixing mud and straw for building. Clearly, sustainable building materials have evolved significantly since the technology’s inception. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert to discuss your project needs. For more information about plastic wood fences, contact us today.