30th April, 2019

Uses for Recycled Plastic Lumber

Plastic alternatives have been around for a variety of materials for years. Fiberglass was first introduced in 1995 by Owens Corning, but other plastics have been around since the early 20th century. Recycled plastic alternatives to other building materials have helped cut down on resource consumption and helped many projects go green. But what can recycled plastic wood be used for? Here are just a few of the most common applications of recycled plastic lumber.

Playground Equipment

Using recycled plastic lumber for playground equipment creates an environmentally friendly and safe play space for children. Recycled plastic lumber for playground equipment doesn’t splinter in the same way that wood might, meaning it’s safe for children who might not always be the most careful while they’re playing. Recycled plastic lumber is more durable as well, meaning it won’t need to be repaired as frequently due to heavy use.

Garden Solutions

Recycled plastic landscape timbers can help you design excellent raised garden beds for your yard. This plastic alternative can help you create stunning weather resistant landscaping that won’t need nearly as much maintenance as wood. Once installed, plastic lumber will last for years, making it one of the top perennial landscaping solutions for your garden and yard.

Sustainable Fencing

An ugly or poorly maintained fence can ruin the look of an otherwise beautiful yard, so selecting the right material for your fence is important. Recycled plastic fencing needs little maintenance to stay looking great, meaning you can focus your efforts on your landscaping and home. Additionally, the materials used to create the fence make it a great option for the environmentally-minded. Instead of using wood planks which damage the environment, using plastic wood alternatives keeps plastic out of landfills.

Large Scale Construction

Plastic lumber isn’t just great for outdoor applications. These wood alternatives can be used in structural needs as well, helping keep buildings green. The durable structure of recycled plastic lumber makes it structurally sound and able to be used in constructing buildings, helping to reduce their overall environmental impact.

Plastic alternatives to wood for landscaping and building can help your project go green while also keeping the end result beautiful and low-maintenance. For more information on commercial-grade strength plastic lumber and other recycled plastic wood alternatives, contact us today.