03rd September, 2020

Tips for Designing Playground Fencing

Since many children will visit a playground, it is paramount that the space includes the necessary features to keep them safe. Among these is a fence, which will separate the kids’ activities from nearby streets and other surroundings that may place them in danger. Use these tips for designing playground fencing to construct a place that children can enjoy without sacrificing security.

Make It Open

The fences that people put up around their homes are meant for privacy, so minimizing the empty space between pickets is preferable in that scenario. In contrast, all areas of a playground should be clearly visible from every angle so parents or teachers can keep a watchful eye over the whole area. For this reason, you should make your playground fence open so people can see through it more easily. Find a proper balance in the spacing of pickets so kids won’t be in danger of getting stuck in the fence either.

Give It Adequate Height

A fence won’t prove very useful if children can easily climb over it. Therefore, you should give it adequate height so it can act as a true barrier between the inside of the playground and outside areas. Usually, local regulations call for a minimum of six feet, as this makes it difficult for kids to get over the fence and simultaneously prevents suspicious individuals from reaching over it. Along with a satisfactory height, you should also make sure your fence doesn’t stand too close to trees and other climbable playground equipment.

Pick Sturdy, Safe Materials

Naturally, the materials you use are a large component of designing your playground fencing. They need to be sturdy enough to last through various temperatures and weather conditions, not to mention the children’s roughhousing. Beyond this, you don’t want the fence to corrode or splinter, as this could injure kids who touch the fence’s damaged spots. An ideal material that fulfills all these requirements is plastic lumber. Plastic lumber does not break down from moisture or changes in temperature, and it will not chip or exposed jagged edges as it takes the impact of forces exerted on it. It also comes in a plethora of fun colors that won’t fade, due to UV protectants that are added during production.

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