01st February, 2021

The Start of Something New

In 1983, Andy Stephens (Tangent Board of Directors) was a pioneer in the industry with the founding of Eaglebrook Plastics which was the first company in the United States to successfully recycle post-consumer recycled HDPE bottles back into recycled resin for reuse. Five years later in 1988, Eaglebrook Products was started with the mission to make recycled HDPE plastic lumber products from post-consumer recycled plastics. In the early 1990’s, Guy DeFeo (Tangent CEO) joined Andy Stephens at Eaglebrook Products along with Francisco Morales (Tangent Chief Innovation Officer) and the three of them hit it off, working hard and imagining how to turn recycled plastics into a multitude of possibilities for plastic lumber. In 1999, both Eaglebrook companies were sold to a public company. Eventually, four years later in 2003 the three of them decided to take their invaluable experience and start again by forming Tangent Technologies with the mission to be the most innovative plastic lumber company on the planet.