11th October, 2018

The Key Benefits of Recycled Plastic Fencing Products

What building material are you using for your commercial fencing projects?

Strongly consider using recycled plastic fencing products as opposed to other traditional materials like wood, metal, and PVC (vinyl).

Recycled plastic fencing products are manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that originates from plastic consumer products like laundry detergent bottles, milk jugs, and more. This type of plastic lumber is known for being extremely strong and durable and can be used to create everything from retaining walls and cribbing to outdoor furniture and, of course, fencing systems.

When you utilize plastic fencing products for commercial projects, you’ll get to enjoy a long list of benefits. These benefits will serve your company both now and in the future.

Take a look at some of the key benefits of recycled plastic fencing products below.

Great for the Environment

Many companies all around the world are setting their sights on creating more products out of recycled plastic. It’s preventing plastic from building up in landfills and providing consumers with high-quality products.

Structural recycled plastic fencing products from Bedford Technology are an excellent example of this. So far, Bedford Technology has helped save millions of pounds of plastic from the landfill. They’ve used them in their innovative, long-lasting, and recyclable building materials.

Companies that use Bedford Technology’s products will feel great about the positive impact they’re having on the environment. Their customers will also come to appreciate the steps they’re taking to save the planet.

Can Be Made to Look Like Wood

Recycled plastic fencing products are made out of HDPE plastic, but that doesn’t mean they look like plastic when installed on your commercial property.

Plastic lumber comes in a wide variety of colors and profiles. Tangent can even help you select the best product and profile for your plastic fencing application.

Plastic lumber will not only improve the visual aesthetic of the property, but it will decrease the maintenance cost and time of the fence too. Since the product doesn’t rot, splinter, or require painting, maintenance and upkeep is a thing of the past.

Resists Signs of Rotting or Aging

One of the biggest complaints business owners have about wooden fences is that they can start to rot and show their age almost immediately. Even if you treat them properly, wood and moisture don’t mix, which can cause issues with wooden fencing right away.

Moisture absorption is an issue you don’t have to worry about when using recycled plastic fencing products by Bedford Technology. Plastic lumber won’t absorb moisture from rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation or condensation. It also won’t break down when it’s exposed to the sun day after day. And with a 50 year warranty,  you can have peace of mind that your fence will remain a strong, beautiful part of your property for years to come.

Withstands Insect Attacks

It’s not uncommon to find all kinds of insects setting up shop in and around wooden fences. Insects can invade these fencing systems and turn them into their homes.

You’ll often find bees, wasps, spiders, ants, termites and other insects in the general vicinity of wooden fences. They’re able to bore their way into these fences, especially when they eventually start to rot and crack. Cracks serve as the perfect place for insects to infiltrate wooden fences and cause even more extensive damage to them.

This isn’t a problem with recycled plastic fencing products as insects can’t bore into them. Plastic lumber doesn’t rot or crack, which additionally doesn’t allow for insects to make their homes inside of the boards. Additionally, there won’t be any place for insects like bees and wasps to build their nests near plastic lumber fences.

With recycled plastic lumber fencing by Bedford Technology, you won’t need to contact an exterminator or, worse, consider replacing your fencing entirely because of insect damage.

Resistant to Graffiti and Vandalization

Is there anything worse than walking outside of your commercial business one day to see that someone has vandalized your fence with graffiti? Not only is it unsightly, it can be extremely difficult to remove. More often than not, business owners need to paint over graffiti on a wooden fence to get rid of it. Otherwise, the option is to replace the fence altogether.

With recycled plastic fencing by Bedford Technology graffiti doesn’t present the same problem. With plastic lumber, graffiti and paint simply won’t adhere to the product and can simply be washed off with water or a pressure washer.

A Truly Low-Maintenance Fencing Solution

Wooden fences require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. From painting and staining to replacing boards due to cracks, warping, and breaks. Plastic lumber is different – it doesn’t need to be painted as the color is manufactured throughout. And with UV inhibitors, you can trust the color to last.

Since HDPE is impervious to moisture the plastic lumber fence won’t need to be replaced due to rotting or cracking. To clean, it can simply be washed or pressure washed and look as good as new. With all the time and money saved in maintenance costs, you’ll be able to reinvest that back into your business.

It’s Recyclable!

Another benefit of using Bedford Technology’s recycled plastic fencing products is that it can be recycled again once you’re done using it.

By investing in Bedford Technology’s recycled plastic fencing products, you can do your part to stop some of the plastic waste in the world from affecting the planet. You’ll be happy to know that every linear foot included in a 2-inch by 6-inch plastic lumber board includes more than 3 pounds of recycled material.

Put Recycled Plastic Fencing Products to Good Use Today

Before you put up new commercial fencing, evaluate how that fence will function in the coming years. If you choose a wooden fence, problems could start to pop up sooner rather than later.

With recycled plastic lumber fencing, not only will you have the peace of mind that your fence will outlast wood, PVC or steel, but you’ll  know you’re making the right move for Mother Nature with a recycled and sustainable product. You’ll also get to enjoy all the benefits listed here as soon as your fence goes up.