10th March, 2020

The Different Types of Permanent Docks

Permanent docks provide the necessary structure for boats to stop and be securely fastened to a fixed position, or “berthed.” They’re also great for other purposes such as fishing and general relaxation outdoors. Depending on the specific needs of different areas, organizations, businesses, or individuals, a permanent dock can take numerous forms. Here are some of the different types of docks that can be installed using TanDeck materials.

Crib Docks

Crib docks are named as such because they are made of a wood framework, which holds rocks inside it. This serves to weigh down the dock and stabilize it in the water. The deck that you stand on is then built on top of the cribs. Crib docks are quite durable because of their construction, but their major downside is that water cannot readily pass beneath them. The large stones block the movement of water and can cause habitat problems where they are installed.

Suspension Docks

Suspension docks somewhat resemble large traffic bridges because they employ cables that hold them up in the water, rather than relying on a foundation that rises from the bottom. This means that water can flow freely beneath them. However, since they are permanent structures, they must be made sturdy enough to stand up to harsh weather. You may potentially have to spend a lot in maintenance over time with them.

Piling Docks

Traditional stationary docks are most likely the type of dock that you first think of. They have pilings that are driven into the bottom of the body of water. The rest of the dock is supported by these pilings, which help it to effectively resist the force of waves and other movements of the water. The water itself can still travel underneath piling docks.

If you want to build a dock and need materials that will resist degrading from constant water contact and exposure to other outdoor forces, use Tangent’s marine-grade lumber. Our SeaPile and SeaTimber products are capable of withstanding high impacts and won’t weaken from marine borers or vessel contact. For top-decking material, choose TanDeck with a variety of colors and woodgrain patterns to choose from. If you are interested, contact us today.