20th June, 2023

Tangent’s Recycled Plastic Lumber – Equine Applications

Tangent’s High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) recycled plastic lumber products have multiple uses and applications. Our next focus will be on the equine market and how HDPE plastic lumber is the perfect fit for your horse fencing and stalls. Tangent’s Structural products have been utilized in many ways for horse enclosures including: paddocks, posts, trailer beds, fencing and riding arenas.

Tangent’s HDPE plastic lumber product has been used as building material for many horse paddocks, including some high profile locations such as Texas A&M’s veterinary facility. Tangent’s Structural Molded Fiber products have also been used as replacement boards on horse trailers. On many occasions, due mainly to water and salt buildup and corrosion from road travel, wooden trailer bed boards have rotted out while transferring horses from one location to another and some horses have fallen through these boards causing major damage to both the horse and trailer. By utilizing Tangent’s HDPE plastic lumber boards, they have vastly reduced this problem. There are numerous ways and applications that Tangent HDPE can be used around your horse environments and surroundings.

Tangent’s HDPE plastic lumber has also been used as posts and fencing, which are very durable and hardy under extreme hot & cold weather conditions, capable of mounting electric wire and insulators for animal fencing and are not easily chewed or kicked out. We have heard from many equine owners on the fact that they have had horses try their hardest to eat the post or fence and really got nowhere with their attempts.  They had horses who were habitual chewers and easily could destroy many wood posts and run in sheds every year, but they have had no issues with using recycled HDPE plastic lumber from Tangent.

We also have heard from equine professionals that this chewing behavior on wood is dangerous, as the horses can hurt themselves from it. The horse can ingest the wood slivers and cause many medical issues, in turn costing the horse owner in a number of ways. First, by having a veterinarian come out for visit and treatment and secondly by having to keep replacing the wood fence. Additional positive features of plastic lumber include: the ability to disinfect quarantine stalls easily, comes in natural farm colors, no aging or material breakdown and healthier for the environment…giving you more time to spend riding your horse, rather than taking care of its’ surroundings!

Tangent is a premier plastic lumber manufacturer that offers three distinct manufacturing processes: Molded, Continuous Extrusion and Multi Stage Extrusion. Within these very unique processes Tangent also has a wide range of products from dimensional lumber to structural materials. Each of these materials offers an alternative solution to standard wood lumber profiles in the marketplace today. Tangent has the plastic lumber solution for your project or application!

Tangent’s Structural Molded recycled HDPE plastic lumber serves as a replacement to traditional parts made from injection molding, rotational molding, vacuum forming, aluminum extrusion, lumber profiles and wood profiles. Tangent can also design a plastic lumber product to suit your specific application, including custom molded products (ie: pipe supports, bench frame shapes, lids).