22nd September, 2017

Tangent Presents Cuero, Texas Charitable Donation to Help with Hurricane Relief

Community is something that runs deep at Tangent. So, when the company heard of the devastation that Worthington, Minnesota’s partner city Cuero, Texas was facing after Hurricane Harvey, they got to work on how to help. Tangent’s leadership challenged employees to donate to relief efforts and agreed to match all charitable donations, with the end result being a donation of over $1,000.

Just how did these towns from across the country come to form a special bond? With a little turkey and a lot of friendly competition. Worthington, MN (Tangent) and Cuero, Texas have similar fall festivals, King Turkey Days and Turkeyfest, respectively. Fighting to be the Turkey Capital of the World, each town selects a turkey from a local grower and brings it to each other’s festival. They then face off in a race down the main street of the town to kick off the festivities. Whichever turkey wins the most points from the race heats held in Worthington and Cuero, wins the bragging rights.

With the delegation from Cuero coming up for the King Turkey Days festival, Tangent and Worthington vowed to help be part of the relief efforts. In addition to the funds donated by Tangent, the town of Worthington, helped to raise an additional $2,000 and a truckload of supplies to send back with race team.