08th January, 2019

Tangent’s Environmental Initiative: Conserve, Protect & Provide

A lot of change and growth has happened since Tangent was founded in 2003 that has helped mold Tangent into the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly recycled plastic lumber. It didn’t just happen overnight, small adjustments, innovative thinking, and a customer-centric mindset made this achievable.  

While Tangent’s processes, procedures, and products may have adapted to better suit the ever-expanding construction market, a few things have remained the same; our core values of innovation, advanced technology, and conserving the environment. These values drive the company forward, and one focus for 2019 is to continue to conserve and protect the environment and encourage sustainability practices.

Tangent Eco-Friendly Raw Material

The raw material that Tangent uses to manufacture structural plastic lumber is sourced from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic. Instead of sending extra plastic to the landfill to pile up and pollute our world, Tangent puts this material to better use; by engineering this material into a life-long product that outperforms traditional building materials like wood, metal, and concrete. Not only is the material sourced from recycled plastic, but it is also itself recyclable.

Manufacturing Process

Oftentimes, the manufacturing process that produces plastic products can take a toll on Mother Nature. For example, when manufacturing or burning PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), dioxins are released into the air, which are highly toxic pollutants that can harm humans, animals, and the environment.

Tangent offers many product lines that are engineered using three different manufacturing processes: Hard Tool, or molded, Continuous Extrusion and Multiple Extrusion (Multi-X). All processes are efficient and use the least amount of natural resources as possible. The end result is an environmentally-friendly building material that is engineered to last and can withstand harsh weather conditions.


One way that Tangent is helping encourage sustainability initiatives is by offering environmentally-friendly building products. Purchasing and using Tangent construction materials are simple and effective ways to implement sustainability practices into your company and can score project points using the LEED Rating Systems. One rating system awards points for meeting certain building material requirements including recycled content, resource-efficient manufacturing processes, and recyclable material.   

Sustainability practices encourage reducing water usage, conserving natural resources and in turn, improves air and water quality because fewer chemicals are emitted into the air that can harm the environment. Companies that implement sustainability practices are helping protect our ecosystems and natural habitats and Tangent is proud to be one of those companies.

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