17th December, 2021

Is HDPE a Viable Material for Cribbing and Dunnage?

Industrial projects are serious business. No matter what, it’s important to stay safe, secure, and protected from the elements. With many materials used in construction, the question arises: is HDPE a viable material for cribbing and dunnage? Check out this short guide to find out. The answer may surprise you.


Cribbing is a wooden structure used to support heavy equipment or loads in a construction project. It stabilizes other equipment and their weight loads. Generally, a crib’s stability depends on the material used, the number of contact points between the crib and supported surface, and the height between the surface material and the crib. Given that blocks of material make up cribs, HDPE plastic lumber is an effective choice. It’s not susceptible to corrosion or rot like soft woods, which is the material commonly used before.


On the other hand, dunnage refers to the waste material used to load cargo loads in construction. Typically, this was scrap wood or other disposable materials that can allow forklifts and slings to hoist construction materials. Dunnage protects this equipment from environmental conditions such as snow or rain. Dunnage also provides clearance on building structures through support posts or bearing walls.

Is HDPE a Viable Solution?

Given those two main applications, the question remains if HDPE plastic lumber is a viable solution. The answer is a resounding yes! HDPE plastic lumber is one of the strongest, most resilient, and most durable building materials today. Since plastic lumber doesn’t crack, rot, or split like traditional wood, it’s one of the most secure materials for dunnage and cribbing.

Whether you’re looking for HDPE plastic dunnage, cribbing, equipment mats, or pipe supports, Tangent Materials has it all. Our industrial-grade plastic lumber is the perfect solution for full strength and production challenges. If you’re transporting heavy equipment or cargo or simply want to secure all-season protection via highly durable material, plastic lumber is the way to do it. Request a quote now or call us with any questions.