19th February, 2019

Parks & Playground Projects: Retrofit Your Site Amenities with Tangent

Parks and playground structures require detailed design and installation plans. Many components including facilities, maintenance and operations are taken into account to create an enjoyable experience for visitors. These individual projects, like site amenities, require specific performance characteristics, and while each project is unique, the planning process follows a common path. Choosing plastic lumber for parks and playgrounds creates a durable, easy-to-clean, low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

First, it’s important to survey and analyze the existing conditions of the park or playground area. This includes weather and proximity to other facilities. Next, identify the top priorities of the community and how the individual projects will meet their needs. Then, determine the construction needs including timeline and budget and make sure all project requirements are met. Finally, it’s time to implement the plan and start construction.

This planning process accounts for many important considerations. When determining the right building material for picnic tables, park benches and site amenities for your parks and playgrounds, using the same planning steps can guide your way to the best solution for long-term success.

5 Building Material Considerations

These considerations will help determine what building material provides a complete solution to your building and project requirement challenges when choosing plastic lumber for parks and playgrounds.

  1. Project Environment – The building material must be able to take a beating. These structures will likely be outdoors year-round and exposed to various weather conditions. Park amenities also receive heavy and consistent use.  
  2. Maintenance Cost and Time – Repairs and replacement are unavoidable. However, finding the right building material can greatly reduce the time and cost associated with maintenance and upkeep.
  3. Green Construction – Implementing green building practices helps conserve Mother Nature. The building material choice has great environmental impact and choosing a material that supports green construction practices benefits the natural world.
  4. Aesthetically-Pleasing – Aesthetics carry more weight in parks and playground projects because of the end-use and purpose. Park benches, picnic tables and site amenities are used for leisurely activities. These applications are both practical and beneficial and aesthetics like color, cleanliness and condition contribute to user satisfaction.
  5. All About the End-User – Perhaps the most important consideration is understanding how these parks and playground amenities will be used and potential results. Graffitti, food and beverage spills and even animal damage can and most likely will occur. Planning for these events can greatly increase the building material life-cycle and greatly reduce unwanted maintenance costs and time.

Why HDPE Plastic Lumber?

Recycled HDPE plastic lumber is a favorable wood-alternative building material that is truly low-maintenance. Plastic lumber won’t rot, splinter or degrade over time so your park projects will remain intact for generations to come. Tangent products don’t require painting or staining because the color is engineered throughout the entire board and UV stabilizers are added during the manufacturing process to help keep the color intact. Recycled plastic lumber is graffiti resistant and can be easily cleaned with soap and water because even the toughest chemicals (like paint) don’t adhere to the surface. It is also durable enough to hold up against animal park residents who bite and chew the material.

Park Applications

Park Benches – Park benches provide a place to sit, talk and relax, and are often used as a convenient meeting place. Located along park trails, walkways and lakes, park benches must be inviting, sturdy and aesthetically-pleasing. Traditionally made out of  wood, park benches that are consistently exposed to outdoor elements can break down and deteriorate due to moisture and extreme wear-and-tear. That’s why recycled plastic lumber is an effective wood-alternative that is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. It comes in many colors to compliment the park aesthetic with a pop of color or earth-tone shades.    

Picnic Tables – As a staple structure of any park, the picnic table is used for eating, resting and other outdoor activities requiring a flat surface. Often located in open areas with some sort of view, picnic tables must be sturdy, clean and withstand year-round outdoor weather conditions. Recycled HDPE plastic lumber acts as a great building material option because it offers versatility and low-maintenance with easy-to-clean surfaces and durable frames.

Site Amenities – Site amenities include waste and recycling receptacles that are used to keep parks clean and provide ways for visitors to properly dispose of waste and recyclables. These receptacles must be sturdy and durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and any animals that are looking for their next meal. Using recycled plastic lumber can increase the site amenity life-cycle by providing a reliable building material that won’t degrade, rot or rust from outdoor weather conditions.

Tangent’s Wood-Alternative Product Lines

Choosing the right building material can be difficult. Tangent products are engineered to last and won’t break down like traditional wood, metal and concrete.

Tangent Structural Molded Materials are truly low-maintenance wood-alternative best-suited for projects like picnic table and bench boards, site amenities and other outdoor furniture applications. As Tangent’s staple product line, it comes in many color options, is available in both standard and custom profile sizes and shapes and has a smooth finish that will look great in any park area or recreation site.

Tangent Structural Molded Fiber has added fiberglass strand that increases rigidity and strength characteristics. Tangent Structural Molded Fiber is great for projects that require additional stability like picnic tables and park benches. It is available in many colors and can be custom-molded to suit your unique design.    

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