04th March, 2019

Plastic Wood Fence Maintenance Advice That’ll Keep It Looking Great For Years

People have been building fences throughout the reach of human history. Clever ones, crude ones, large ones, small ones, fences have been a long-standing part of human civilization. It’s fairly common to travel countryside in the more historically preserved places in the world to sees miles of stones piled up spanning vast acreage. Certainly worn down over hundreds of years, these ancient fences tell the important story of fence maintenance.

However, most people aren’t building property fences from crudely stacked stone anymore. Modern developments have given way to recycled plastic fencing systems, recycled plastic lumber, plastic wood fences and other recycled plastic building materials in place of other more traditional fence materials. Plastics like vinyl, polystyrene, phenolic and polyester were developed in the early 1900s, and their advent entered into many of the consumer products we use now.

With new plastic wood fences come new maintenance and care tips. Let’s look at some ways to keep your plastic wood fence healthy and looking good for years to come.

Easy With The Landscaping

Plastic wood fences are incredibly durable, but if anything takes enough abuse it’ll wear down in less time than it should. Landscaping around fencing calls for a little bit of surgical precision. PVC fences don’t like being bumped with lawnmowers, nor being repeatedly thrashed with weed-whackers. But Tangent plastic fencing can take a beating. Just have care and take it easy when landscaping around your fencing. Just because it’s durable doesn’t mean you need to test its limits.

Earth Rules

Fences, regardless of their makeup, are all subject to the whims of the earth. Hot weather, cold weather, shifting grounds, these factors can affect how your fence sits. Sometimes it can make parts of your fence-line uneven. Don’t be afraid to re-dig post holes for areas that have loosened. Pay special attention if you live in an area with abrupt or severe weather changes, as these can cause problems more frequently than less environmentally volatile locales.

Pay Attention, Repair Quickly

Plenty of people get fences installed and never think about them again. That is until they finally notice their fence-line in grave disrepair. Your fence is only as good as its weakest spots, so it’s important to periodically walk along your fencing and inspect it. When you find places that need to be repaired, it’s best to get them done quickly. Small repairs can become very large if left to their own devices long enough.

Looking to modernize your fencing, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. From recycled plastic wood fence installation to all sorts of recycled plastic building materials, the plastic wood fence professionals at Tangent are your leaders in building the future.