10th November, 2017

Plastic Lumber is Smarter Lumber

Do you think “Plastic Lumber” is an oxymoron? It’s true, it could be put in that category along with “jumbo shrimp” and, as most of us in Minnesota will agree, with “passive aggressive”. However, a better understanding is that “plastic lumber” is not contradictory. It is the smart choice for plastic lumber solutions as a cost-effective long-term material over traditional wood boards and planks.

What is Recycled Plastic Wood?

Technically speaking, it is recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE). Simply put, it’s the milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles that are recycled from thousands of households and businesses on a daily basis.

Why Choose Plastic Lumber?

There are many benefits to using plastic lumber rather than wood, metal, or concrete.  Plastic lumber, in many ways, is stronger, lasts longer, resists color degradation, does not rot or become infested with mold or insects, and withstands the effects of extreme environments.  Plastic lumber offers these and other benefits while it cuts and fastens the same as wood.  By choosing plastic lumber over wood, the environment benefits as well: demand on our landfills is reduced by re-purposing HDPE.

How is Plastic Lumber Made?

We convert HDPE into plastic boards through an intensive process to ensure our high-quality standards are met for each piece. With the ability to add other ingredients for extra strength, Tangent’s products can absorb energy through deflection, and unlike wood, we can manipulate and control product stiffness to suit our customers’ specific needs.

Who is Tangent?

Tangent started over 20 years ago, and is now the leading manufacturer of premium, structural plastic lumber for commercial markets. Choose the smarter lumber solution with plastic lumber solutions.

While there are many applications for our recycled plastic lumber, our main markets include marine, agriculture, industrial, parks & recreation, playgrounds, equine & large animal and OEM manufacturing.

The Tangent Difference

Innovation & Product Development – We continuously perfect our existing solutions and develop new solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Customer Relationships – Perhaps the most important step in our process is strong customer relationships. At Tangent, we strive to create long-lasting partnerships that will last even longer than our products. We aren’t simply trying to “sell” you something. We want to become your partner in building something great.

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How Plastic Lumber Solutions Can Work For Your Project

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