05th January, 2021

Announcing: Our New Tangent Brand

2020 has truly been a year of adversity for all of us. As we look to the year ahead, we’re making plans to better serve our customers and grow our business. In the new year we are increasing our capacity, introducing new product lines, and launching our new tangent brand.

In acquiring Bedford Technology, we became a stronger company and positioned ourselves to better serve our customers. The addition of a talented team and innovative products has allowed us to grow our offerings and capabilities. Post-acquisition, we became the largest player in the industry. 

Now as an integrated company, we’re forging a path to success that will lead to even more innovation and expansion in 2021. That path starts with bringing a brand identity to life that’s as strong as the products we produce. 

To better align ourselves with our customers and the markets we serve, we are excited to launch our new Tangent brand today. This branding is the culmination of months of discovery interviews and brand strategy work. Through this work, we’re establishing a stronger brand presence to better serve our customers and solidify our unique position as the industry leader in the alternative materials space. 

While our corporate identity may look different, our commitment to our customers in providing the strongest alternative materials has not changed- it’s only gotten better. We are excited to continue to work closely with our customers new and old, providing you with world-class customer service, and limitless performance in our product offerings. 

When it comes to alternative materials, there’s no alternative to Tangent. 

We are the category creator and the largest, most advanced manufacturer of fabrication materials in North America.

We are customer-oriented, dedicated to customized solutions through strategic partnerships.

We are driven by material science. By continuously innovating what is possible, we engineer options to deliver on customer and application needs. 

We offer limitless performance. Our materials are rigorously tested to guarantee performance across strength, durability, and aesthetics.


Take a look at our new Tangent brand:

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