09th August, 2019

Low Maintenance Playground Equipment Is a Great Option!

low-maintenanceIt is possible to have low-maintenance playground equipment. A lot of HOA’s are hesitant to designate a playground area for residents. They do not want to take the plunge and buy playground equipment because they do not want to add on to the maintenance duties already involved in managing corporate property. Low maintenance playground equipment is the solution.

A designated play area for kids that is outfitted with a playground system that requires minimal care is a great way to add value to any neighborhood. Learning more about the options can help you to find a great system that requires low maintenance.

Traditional Materials Vs Plastic Materials

Traditional materials include metal and wood that require a lot of maintenance. Today, newer composite materials require very little attention.

Using composite materials certainly is not a new thing. A mud and straw composite materials were used by Mesopotamians and Egyptians as early as 1500BC.

A good example of the newer composites that are used in playground systems is Tangent Sustainable Lumber. It has a wood look but does not require staining, painting or other maintenance that you would expect to find with natural woods.

Traditional materials require regular painting and repairs to prevent injuries like splinters. Composite materials do not. Recycled plastic wood for playgrounds are not only a low-maintenance option but they are a safer option.

A Safe Playground Solution

The beauty of these modern playground systems is that they are safer options. They reduce the risk of liability because they have fewer parts that can cause injuries. They are durable and fun to use without the risk of splintering and breakage that you find with traditional systems.

Of course, the less need for maintenance means that there is less risk to labor sustaining injuries as well. A safe playground solution can also be an affordable, environmentally friendly solution as well.

Add Value to Your Neighborhood

Making your neighborhood a family friendly neighborhood starts with making sure the kids have a safe place to play that does not amp up the boards need to manage more maintenance. Low-maintenance is the way to go when it comes to providing a safe fun place to play!