10th April, 2018

Keep Your City’s Outdoor Projects Resilient Using Structural Plastic Lumber

Last year, the United States faced many extreme weather-related occurrences including hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, heat waves and extreme cold. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in 2017 damage costs from these events exceeded $300 billion. Design your city’s outdoor projects with structural plastic lumber to decrease life-cycle cost and hold up to extreme environments.

Not only did the damage include buildings and structures, it also included signs, roads and other everyday structures that often get taken for granted. Now that it’s time to repair and rebuild, instead of duplicating the same projects, many organizations are working to repair the damages using resilient features. One of these features is adaptive design for extreme weather events. Companies are implementing this feature into their building and construction practices by using environmentally-friendly building materials and adaptive features for extreme weather conditions. Adaptive design features include additional absorption, resistance, deflection and restorative properties, especially in the building material.

Two Peas in a Pod: Resiliency & Beautification

Along with resiliency for extreme weather environments, aesthetics is also an important feature for long-term staple structures including raised garden beds, signage and speed bumps. You may be wondering why it matters if a raised garden bed looks “pretty”, but it is part of a large beautification movement that many cities are involved in. It’s just “just another sign”, rather, the look and design of these structures is important and are a part of a larger movement to increase the aesthetic so that it fits with the overall look and feel of the area.

Build it Right, Build it to Last

“Streetscape” projects are often built using concrete, metal and wood. However, another way for companies to implement these resilient features and plan for long-term use is to think about the material that the application is made of. While concrete, metal and wood break down with all of the wear-and-tear of everyday usage, building with a product that will stand up to harsh weather environments will help increase profitability over time. Low-maintenance costs and long life-cycle are characteristics that will help to continue to uphold the initial look and feel without deterioration.

SelectForce® and FiberForce® by Tangent

These two product lines, both durable and strong, offer unique components to consider for your city projects. Our products come in industry leading color options to fit the aesthetic of the area you’re working with.

Tangent lumber is a durable and long-lasting product. It can be custom-molded and also comes in traditional lumber profiles sizes.  

Fiber reinforced lumber has increased rigidity. Fiberglass strands are added and has many characteristics suited for structural applications where wider span, dimensional stability and increased flexural strength is required.

Streetscape Application Examples

  • Raised Garden Beds – Raised garden beds are very common in parks and community areas. Building these beds using structural plastic lumber will increase the life of the structure because plastic lumber will not break down as quickly as traditional lumber due to the wet environment (soil) and it doesn’t leach chemicals because of the treated traditional wood
  • Signage – Whether it’s an entrance sign, trail marker or a large site sign, graffiti often finds its way on to each of these types. With Tangent products, the plastic lumber is resistant to graffiti and splintering. Any sign can have epoxy lettering or indicators for long-life and easy viewing.
  • Speed Bumps – With this application it is extremely important to ensure that the structure remains intact. Instead of using concrete, which will break down and can crack in extreme weather conditions, use products by Tangent and lower your  maintenance costs over time.

Ready to Beautify Your City with Long-Term Resilient Structures?

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