29th June, 2021

How To Design the Perfect Dog Park

Our furry friends deserve the best—especially during the summertime. Owners should take them for dips in the lake and, of course, take them to the dog park when we can. Yet, it’s up to government officials to build the best dog parks available. Follow this guide on how to design the perfect dog park to keep residents and their pups happy.

Mulch and Grass

Dogs are known for digging. As a result, people will need high-quality mulch and grass that’ll be hard to pull up. They should also pay attention to how the grass and mulch looks. They should choose something that won’t look unsightly scattered about. Instead, he/she should go with compact mulch that’ll stay neatly packed together so that it doesn’t get everywhere.

Other Interesting Features

Another tip on how to design the perfect dog park is to add interesting features that’ll attract owners to the park. For starters, add a few benches in the park where owners can sit while their pooch runs around. Also, add a plastic bag dispenser that owners can use to pick up after their dogs. Finally, consider incorporating water bowls where dogs can go to drink after working up a sweat.


Plastic fencing material is perhaps the most important element of the perfect dog park. Owners want to make sure their pets are safe and can roam free without escaping. That’s why anyone attempting to build the ultimate dog park should contact Tangent Materials today. We have the right fencing material that’ll remain durable against the elements and can even withstand harsh chewing from pups.

Tangent Materials is here to help you build the perfect dog park. We understand that dog parks can entice more people to the neighborhood—and we want to be there to help. Our materials are durable and eco-friendly, giving you peace of mind while working with us.