30th November, 2018

Plan, Design & Prepare Next Year’s Harvest Season with Tangent

Winter is coming and in many parts of the country, snow has already made its first (or second) appearance. For those involved in the agriculture industry, the colder season brings a time of preparation for the next year. Crops have been harvested, machines are cleaned and stored, and budgeting and purchasing decisions are made for next season. Among the many decisions being researched, planned and ultimately decided, are ways to lower costs. Lowering costs by increasing the longevity of your building materials can easily be accomplished by using an environmentally-friendly, long-lasting and structural alternative: agricultural plastic lumber.

Agriculture Plastic Lumber Applications


Plant stands and tables inside of greenhouses are constantly subjected to high moisture, and although plants need water to survive, all the watering and seepage can rot and break down wooden stands and boards. If you use plastic lumber for your greenhouse stands and boards, you’ll be able to spend more time nurturing your plants rather than finding replacements for your planter tables that have rotted away.

Planters/Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are a safe environment for plants and flowers to thrive. The box itself should also be safe. Safe in the sense that you shouldn’t have to worry about the box breaking down, rotting, splintering or leaching chemicals. Instead, use structural recycled plastic lumber for your planter boxes to ensure a sturdy and durable home for your prized plants.

Cribbing/Equipment Storage

Cribbing must be durable and sturdy enough to support the weight of the equipment or implements it is storing. Traditional wood can splinter and break under heavy loads or around chemicals and moisture. Instead, store, support and transport your heavy machinery using structural recycled plastic lumber. As a tough and long-lasting wood alternative, structural plastic lumber won’t crack under pressure and your machines will rest well.

Guide Rails – Animal Containment Systems

Guide rails for cattle, hogs, horses and chickens can take quite a beating from Mother Nature; especially in the colder seasons. With extreme cold, wind, rain, snow and a winter-y mix, fencing systems can break down and rot over time. Using structural recycled plastic lumber is a great alternative to wood because it won’t rot or splinter, can stand up to extreme environments and is easy to clean with soap and water.


Trellis systems for fruits and vegetables not only have to hold up substantial weight from your plants but can also take a beating from Mother Nature and harvesting equipment. For a solution that will won’t rot or break under the pressure and that you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing, look no further than our environmentally-friendly plastic lumber.


Whether it’s a ranch style fence, paddocks or stables, plastic lumber is a great alternative for traditional fencing materials. Our plastic lumber is structural, doesn’t harbor bacteria, won’t rot or splinter, and outlasts other materials, leaving you with a low-maintenance, beautiful fencing solution.

Benefits of Using Tangent Agricultural Plastic Lumber

Listed above are just a few of the agricultural applications that can be manufactured using recycled plastic lumber. By replacing traditional building materials with plastic lumber, you can eliminate maintenance costs and time by reducing the need for replacement due to rot, moisture and extreme weather conditions. Plastic lumber boards do not need to be painted or stained because the color is manufactured throughout the entire product. Cleaning plastic lumber is also easier than traditional building materials only requires soapy water and a bit of elbow grease. Since plastic lumber doesn’t harbor bacteria, harsh chemicals and disinfectants aren’t needed. For longer and more sustainable solutions for your agriculture applications use structural recycled plastic lumber. You can set it and forget it.

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