17th October, 2017

Civic Pride: Good for Your Municipal Budget

The housing market seems to be putting the excesses of the bubble and the ensuing collapse behind it. And, the resulting trend in rising property values will be a real boost for city budgets that have grown accustomed to ‘shortfalls.’ Since municipalities and school districts use tax data to determine their annual budgets, soaring property values will mean renewed debates over investments in municipal infrastructure. Consider plastic lumber costs from a long term perspective and how it lowers maintenance costs.

Keeping municipally owned properties safe and looking their best is critical for maintaining property values. When a community looks cared for, it enhances the public’s feeling of safety which increases property values. Increased property values means increased municipal revenues. Well-cared for communities that invest in beautification projects like safe, well-lit public spaces, parks and that keep a tight lid on vandalism and crime will benefit the most.

That’s why, for smart City Managers, maintaining and enhancing their community’s appearance is a worthwhile investment. Across the country, municipalities are looking for creative ways to enhance the appearance, safety and livability of their communities.  They’re betting these investments will increase the value of the properties in their communities, attracting residents and businesses faster than the neighboring communities.

Sustainable Renovation: An investment that can pay off in a big way.

On average, houses bordering parks are worth 20% more, and those within two or three blocks 10% more, compared to similar properties elsewhere.   However, parks and municipal structures can also have a negative effect on property values.  “Nuisances” such as litter and vandalism could have a negative effect on property values.1

One great way for City Managers to enhance the appearance, durability and longevity of municipal structures is to consider High-density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber, otherwise known as plastic lumber.  Plastic lumber, like the products offered by Tangent, offer significant cost and performance advantages over traditional materials for municipalities. Plastic lumber from Tangent:

  • Maintains its attractive appearance over a longer period of time, holding its value longer than traditional materials.
  • Is impact resistant and paint does not adhere to it – so it is more difficult to vandalize.
  • Lasts many, many times longer than wood products, reducing maintenance and repair costs and providing better ROI.
  • Is safe and does not leach harmful chemicals in to your soil or water supply like treated lumber products and other materials.

Tangent products have textured surface finishes and come in a variety of colors, making it the perfect solution in municipal playground equipment, park and recreation applications, signage, boardwalks, decks, piers, parking curbs, landscaping boards and any harsh weather environment application.

Learn more about sustainable renovation and the potential long-term ROI with plastic lumber from Tangent.  

(1)“Property values, parks and crime: An analysis of Baltimore”
By Bakary Seckan