20th December, 2022

Can Plastic Stables Help Your Animals Live Their Best Lives?

Plastic lumber is becoming more popular for animal enclosures yearly as it offers many advantages to farmers and animal owners over organic wood. But what about the livestock? Can plastic stables help your animals live their best lives?

Yes! Plastic Stables Offer Many Benefits for Animals

To put it simply—yes! Plastic stables and lumber can help your animals live their best lives in several ways, from the stables’ adaptability to their durability. We’ll explain some of the primary benefits plastic lumber offers livestock over standard organic wood.

They’re Versatile

Whether you’re building a stable or enclosure for horses, cows, chickens, goats, or any other livestock, you must adapt the structure to your specific needs. When raising animals, you need structures adaptable to the circumstances for you and your animals.

Plastic lumber and stables are just as adaptable as natural wood—cut and mold it in whatever way you need for your enclosure. The versatility of plastic lumber means more comfortable pens for your animals and happier livestock.

They’re Sturdy

Perhaps the prime benefit of plastic stables and lumber is their durability over natural wood. Unlike organic lumber, plastic lumber is weatherproof, insect-proof, and much more resistant to dents and splinters.

Plastic lumber is ideal for animals and outdoor livestock enclosures because it can better take on the elements without falling apart or needing repairs. You can count on plastic lumber to keep your animals safe, even if it takes a beating from wind, rain, or the animals themselves!

They’re Clean

Sanitation is an essential aspect of any enclosure or stable harboring live animals. A clean stable means happier and healthier livestock, and plastic lumber is much cleaner than natural wood.

Since plastic lumber is waterproof and pest-resistant, no bacteria-ridden mold or fungus can grow in the wood, and no outbreak of harmful bugs and pests will endanger animals. Plus, since it’s waterproof, plastic lumber is much easier to clean. No need for intense power washing and disturbing your animals in their enclosures.

They’re Eco-Friendly

It’s worth mentioning that plastic stables and lumber are a greener and more sustainable choice for animals than organic wood. Plastic lumber comes from recycled plastics. It removes tons of plastic from our landfills and turns it into valuable resources.

Plastic lumber means less waste in our landfills and more trees in our forests. And it’s always better for animals when we choose environmentally friendly options—even for livestock.