31st August, 2020

Best Materials for Industrial Pallets

Industrial pallets are important for storing and moving objects and materials in an industrial workplace. They may also serve as support platforms for heavy machinery which lessen the sound the equipment produces and prevent it from getting damaged. Naturally, it follows that you should construct pallets out of sturdy materials so that they can serve their function without breaking down easily. These are some of the best materials for industrial pallets that you may choose from.

Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are common because they are simple to source. You can choose between softwood and hardwood varieties. Softwood, such as pine, is more lightweight so it is good for situations where you must transport pallets frequently and want to make the process easier. Hardwood is more robust, meaning that it is less likely to get damaged and will last longer than softwood. Maple and oak are examples of hardwoods. While ubiquitous and affordable, wood pallets hold moisture and weaken or warp because of it. They can also house insects.

Metal Pallets

Metal takes care of the weaknesses that wood faces, as it is more durable and will not become contaminated with rot or bugs. You can trust that you will be able to use metal pallets for a long time, even if you put them through more intensive situations than wood pallets. However, they are much heavier than wood and can complicate how employees must work if they need to move the metal pallets. You may also avoid metal industrial pallets because it conducts electricity, which can lead to injury.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic may arguably be the best material for industrial pallets. This is because it is highly resilient while also having a lighter weight than wood. The surface of plastic pallets is moreover simple to maintain, and like metal, their condition does not decline when exposed to moisture or insects. Manufacturers may create plastic pallets out of moldings. These types have the downside of being difficult to fix if they crack, as you can’t replace only a single section on them. You can circumvent this issue, though, by creating them from HDPE plastic lumber boards which you can cut and fasten together in the same way as wood. As a final strength, plastic pallets have more precise dimensions and weight measurements than wood, so they are ideal when consistency is important to your operations.

Whether you need to make industrial pallets or require plastic landscape timbers for outdoor settings, Tangent Materials can supply you with the materials that will get the job done effectively. Our plastic lumber is relevant to a variety of applications and always brings supreme durability and longevity to whatever project you work on.