23rd May, 2019

5 Benefits of Plastic Fencing Materials

benefits of plastic fencingWe are living in a world where people are putting effort towards destroying their environment rather than protecting it and sustaining it for future generations. Many people have made environmental degradation as their source of income while others continue to use vital resources without replacing them. One wonders what future generations will be using to support their livelihoods. This explains why there are so many natural catastrophes such as storms and drought.

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the fact that essential measures have already been formulated and implemented to make the world a better place. The increasing plastic production, between 2004 and 2014, from 225 million tons to 311 million tones, has significantly reduced. Besides, recycling of the already produced plastic has gained momentum in various places around the world.

Recycled plastic lumber has become a major component in making children playgrounds and other landscaping features. People are no longer using traditional fence materials to make their fences but are using plastic lumber to make perimeters around their homes. So, what are the benefits of recycled plastic fencing as compared to traditional fence materials?

1. Environmentally Friendly

Recycled plastic building materials are typically sourced from recycled plastics and other materials that have already been discarded on the environment. This means that companies get rid of all the plastic materials on the surroundings and other harmful materials that are processed together to form plastic lumber. Moving away from traditional fence materials leaves the environment clean to support life as a benefit of plastic fencing.

However, traditional fence materials, such as hardwood-inspired perimeter walls had to cut down indigenous trees and other precious plants to come up with the land. This exposed the environment to soil erosion.

2. Long lasting

We have for a longer period complained of how long the plastic takes to decompose when it is disposed to the environment. Plastic may take years to decompose, which means that it used to destroy soil microorganism. How about using that durability to our advantage? Unlike traditional fence materials, which decay and decompose after a few years of service, plastic lumber-inspired fences will serve you for many years.

Recycled plastic fencing is not only resistant to weather changes but also resistant to chemical corrosions, water, insect resistant, graffiti resistant, and does not crack. This means that it will serve you for as long as you would like. This means that you will be saving considerable amounts of money.

3. Economic

A considerable number of people have moved away after hearing the costs associated with plastic wood. There is already a perception out there that plastic lumber prices are too high which is very far from the truth. However, a close analysis of plastic lumber costs versus benefits proves otherwise, especially when compared with other fencing system being used by other people.

When you compare installation costs, disposal costs, replacement costs, and maintenance costs, you will come into the realization that plastic wood will save you more money as compared to any other form of fencing that you will be using. You will not expect to use any money for maintenance or replacement as plastic will be there for a longer period as compared to virgin wood.

4. Free Maintenance

Low maintenance is one of the major factors that is contributing to the increased use of plastic rubber around the world. If you have ever been involved in the maintenance of landscaping boards and wood deck for some time, you already know that plastic lumber does not require any form of maintenance. All you need to do is to make sure that you wash the lumber when it gets dirty.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

Everyone wants to have beautiful structures in their homes. You have already invested considerable amounts of money in building your house, and you cannot afford an ugly fence. Recycled plastic lumber doesn’t need any repainting or treatment. They come pre-colored, and it’s upon you to decide which color works for you. This is unlike traditional fencing materials that need to be painted and treated because they do not have natural beauty.

As the world changes and more people become environmentally conscious, plastic lumber will continue to become important structure materials. With all these benefits of plastic fencing, what’s stopping you from using it for your next fencing installation. Contact us today.