01st December, 2022

4 Questions To Ask a Prospective HDPE Lumber Supplier

Choosing a plastic lumber supplier is a weighty choice—if you choose wrong, you could get stuck with paying a hefty price for an inferior product. Before you decide on a prospective HDPE lumber supplier, ask them these questions to better understand their products and business.

Is There a Minimum Order?

Before you get into the details of your HDPE lumber order and start honing the dimensions and specifics of the lumber, you’ll want to ask your supplier about minimum orders. Some HDPE lumber suppliers will require a minimum quantity—for some, it’s thousands of pounds of material, while others have no minimum.

It could also depend on what type of plastic lumber product you’re purchasing from your supplier, as some may need minimums for some products and not others. Consider your lumber needs beforehand and ask your supplier if it’ll be enough to fulfill an order—if not, you’re better off searching for a different supplier.

What Are Payment Terms?

Each supplier has its way of doing business. Even if most plastic lumber sellers conduct transactions with similar methods, it’s still wise to iron out the payment details before confirming the order or the delivery of your HDPE lumber.

Some plastic lumber wholesalers will require a down payment or want cash on delivery. You don’t want any surprises when it’s time for delivery and installation, so come to a clear understanding about payment sooner rather than later.


Ask your supplier about any special discounts or sales they have going on before you purchase.

Do You Manufacturer Your Lumber Yourself?

Whatever the product may be—whether it’s HDPE lumber, stone, or glass—it’s not a bad idea to consider purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Buying from the manufacturer typically means the customer can get a lower price since they’re purchasing from the source instead of a middleman retailer.

We at Tangent Materials produce all our products in our three factories in Minnesota and Virginia, right here in the USA. When you purchase HDPE lumber from Tangent, you get a high-quality, made-in-America product directly from the manufacturer.

What Warranties Do You Offer?

As impressive, durable, and reliable as a prospective HDPE lumber supplier may claim their product is, you’ll want to question them about their warranty. A product doesn’t mean much without a guarantee! What do their warranties cover, and how long does the coverage last?

A supplier with a weak and short warranty shows that they don’t believe in their product. At Tangent, we offer our customers a limited warranty that covers them for 50 years! You know we believe in our HDPE products when we’re ready to stand behind them for five decades.