03rd January, 2019

3 Reasons Recycled Plastic Fencing Is Ideal For Your Equine Enclosures

Owning horses can feel like a fulltime job. From stable to pasture, equine ownership is certainly not a passive activity. Join us in making equine enclosures an easy, low-maintenance part of your day-to-day experience.

Horse pastures have long been associated with scenic fences of stacked stone and the nostalgic aesthetic of weather-worn wood. Over time, these traditional fence materials are notorious for needing consistent repair. When you have vast acreage, the last thing you’re looking forward to is patrolling fence lines, ensuring they’re well maintained.

Plastics like vinyl, polystyrene, phenolic and polyester were developed around a century ago in the early 1900s. Let’s look into using plastic lumber for equine fencing and how it will change your relationship with your horse pastures.

Consistency Of Construction

The nice thing about recycled plastic fencing is controlled construction and engineering. Where trees grow out of the ground and Mother Earth essentially determines the shape of the lumber you’ll receive for fencing, fabricated plastics are engineered the same every time. They won’t warp or decompose from exposure to the elements. You know what you’re getting and know that it will promise durable longevity.

Tangent Equine Enclosures Last Forever

Fine, fine, nothing lasts forever, but the durable construction of recycled plastic fencing will long outlast traditional options. Wood rots, stone breaks apart from errant flora and fauna, and metal rusts into oblivion. None of this happens with recycled plastic fencing. In fact, once it’s installed, it’s arguably the most low-maintenance fencing option you can have.

They’re Good For Your Horses And The Earth

Apart from lumber fencing coming to you as is, thousands of feet of wood fencing requires hundreds of trees to produce it. Recycled plastic fencing is an environmentally friendly option that requires no trees. It’s actually made from recycled plastics, so those plastic bottles you’ve responsibly recycled may very well be a part of the fence you’ve installed. Plus, horses are notorious chewers. Some horses actually just like chomping on wooden fencing and splintered wood isn’t good for the equine gastrointestinal tract. Recycled plastic fencing eliminates all these concerns.

At the end of this, a lot of readers might try to lament that recycled plastic fencing can’t look as good as traditional fencing materials. We’d argue against that and would be happy to show you a portfolio of styles. Fashion, form, and function, we’ve got what you need for your pastures. Contacts us today!